UnEventful June? Hardly!!!

In our home, calendars hang on the wall, lay open on desks, clip on file folders, pop up on my Smart Phone and occupy the center pocket of my work apron.  Each of them serve a purpose.  HiHoney uses the kitchen wall calendar to keep track of the lawn watering schedule which for the month of June has not seen much in the way of notations except for 'Rain' Rain' Rain'.  That's a good thing!

For me, daily notes and time schedules are in my pocket...which I refer to several times a day.  It has been an eventful June at work.  Can't say the same for my posting and visiting here in blogland.  Thanks to you who have left comments...as always, I appreciate them.  Know that I dash over to your blog when I can and read your posts. 

Yep, June was eventful in our Family....
There was a wedding!
The Little Guy got a Summer Spikey Haircut!
The 'Camper' got a makeover and a Flag Pole.
Our Nation suffered some incredibly tragic days this month, which will be remembered in the days, months and years to come with a sense of immeasurable loss and yet a time that shows the perseverance and strength of human nature.  The controversies of politics, government and court rulings have been daily news and social media events which have given citizens their 'First Amendment' right to express their opinions.  I respect that. 
So here we are on the last day of an 'Eventful June' looking forward to an
 'Even more Eventful July'.
Here are CITexas Gal posts from past months of June and July that Celebrate Patriotism!
See ya next month!


Pom Pom said...

How happy! A wedding! That's great!
I'm glad you've had rain! That's a switch, right?

Paula said...

It has been an eventful month for our nation!! I hope the month of July will see events that aren't leading to so much craziness. Enjoy your camper. Looks like fun

Joanne said...

you did cover the gamut of June events - life just keeps revolving and evolving. I've enjoyed your June and look forward to July. Stay cool!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Sounds like you had a busy, but happy June, Sue. I look forward to seeing what July brings your way. May it all be good!
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Wendy said...

That was indeed an eventful June. Love Little Guy's proud smile over that new 'do.


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