Where Are Your Ginghers?

There is a very good reason why I have already gone back on my less than 24 hour old "I swear not to START any new projects" statement.  I know I am justifying here with this list of whys...
~ all the stuff was already out on the work table.
~ I needed to try out my NEW Ginghers.
~ I've been thinking about this new design project.
~ I finally got the specialty heat resistant fabric.
~ I had an Order for one that would hold two.
~ I am on another 'UseIt or LoseIt kick.
~ I needed a quick and under $20 item to sell.
~ I couldn't help myself.

The Heat Resistant OneFerTwo item will be revealed later when I get the protype worked out.  For now, I want to talk about scissors.  Specifically my first pair of Gingher Dressmakers.

They were a special gift.  You might be thinking they were a Mother's Day gift since tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Not it, but close. 

In October 1998 my Mother-In-Law opened her 'Heavenly Sewing Basket' for Saint Peter's inspection before passing through the Pearly Gates.

"Ruth", he said, "Where are your Ginghers?  I know you have had them safely stored in your drawer for many years.  I figured you were saving them for your 'Heavenly Sewing Room' where your Heavenly Family members are waiting for a Made by Ruth Robe." 

Now, you should know that Ruth was an excellent clothing seamstress.  She was thrifty, a scrap saver, and an 'Up-Cycler' before remaking/re-doing/re-using became 'Trendy'.  All she was and did was with thoughtfulness for the recipient of her sewing talents...seldom if ever for herself.   That is why the 'Gingher Dressmakers' were found in her Sewing Drawer...in pristine/mint condition.  She didn't forget them and she wasn't saving them to cut heavenly cloth.  I'm sure Saint Peter was not surprised by her answer as she held up her well worn everyday shears and said...

"These will do me just fine.  The Ginghers are being given to Sue.  I know this because my daughter Linda has a heart after my own."
May 8, 2015
Dear Wayne and Sue,
    This framed 'Stitching' is just a 'Keepsake' from Mom's dresses.  Hope you enjoy it!
Love the Two of You,
See, just as Ruth said, "My daughter Linda has a Heart after my own."  A beautiful example of 'Like Mother like Daughter. 

So, there you have it....a special memory and a pair of well worn Ginghers.  I have used them nearly everyday for 17 years and with each use I lovingly remember Ruth.

Thank-you Linda. 
You truly brightened our day with the Keepsake Stitching and Photo Album.
I loved the quoted scripture at the bottom of the card.
It speaks for us, too!
Every time I think of you...and I think of you often!
I thank God for you
1 Corinthians 1:4


  1. What a fun story and love the heart!

  2. How sweet! And what a wonderful gift for anyone who loves sewing like you do! I really like this idea of using fabric from her dresses to make framed art! That's a beautiful idea. I have some of my mother in laws old dresses. Maybe this would be an awesome project for me and Hannah Bug to do for her three aunts (MIL's daughters) one year for Christmas?!
    Posted my first #WeekendCoffeeShare at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  3. Your story and work of love gave my heart a booster shot. Precisely what it needed right now. Thank you much.

    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    you have a lovely blog,
    i followed you DEAR, please kindly follow back.
    http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/ #MELODYJACOBS
    thank you.

  5. Hi Sue - what a great post .. lovely to see the family use of Ghingers - bet St Peter can wait a while ... what a lovely picture idea too .. old scraps are really old scraps unless they get turned into a memory picture - wonderful to look at this ... clever and so thoughtful. Brilliant ... love the rose in the heart - Happy Mother's day .. cheers Hilary

  6. Lovely post for a Mother's Day type salute. I'm not allowed near scissors. I'm a hacker at cutting. But enjoy your Ginghers and new projects. You are so clever!

  7. What a sweet Mother's Day post. I have so little of my mother's (she died when I was 12). I do have a wool afghan she crocheted somewhere - it had gotten so fragile I didn't dare touch it. I wonder if I could do some kind of framed tribute to her. An idea....Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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