Someday I'll Be An Ancestor

Before I cleaned off my 'Growing Up in the 1950's &1960's' desk mess, I shot a few random photos. You know, just because, no particular thing in mind, but mostly to remind myself of how I had managed to produce a month's worth of post out of the 'Organized Mess'.

When at first I looked at the pile of photos it reminded me of the way I shuffle cards.  Stack them up all neat like...split the deck...bend and shuffle...then do the waterfall...it's a showing off thingy.  But instead of the interlocked cards riffling neatly back into one deck again, they shoot out of my hands and spray all over the table, floor...basically every where.  Needless to say, I never get to be 'The Dealer'.

However, amongst the spray of photos, there is some semblance of my organizing skills...the Color Coded File Folders behind the randomly filed and clipped mail envelopes, photos and notes.  Two things struck me about THIS unplanned random photo.  First the Pink Tab file..Geneology Laws & Quotes. which I pulled and found the title for this post...Someday I'll Be An Ancestor.

Secondly, the '4th Generation' file and the 'Three Generations' pictured in front of the file.  Look closely in the right corner and you will see Generation #1...my Dad on Dan (AtoZ Letter D post...HERE).  The 2nd Generation in my Dad's line is my 1st grade school picture (AtoZ Letter A post...HERE).  For the 3rd Generation, you have to really look closely at the clipped picture in the center...it's my nephew...my Sister's oldest son.

He is getting married next month!
My Sister's future grandchild...4th Generation..will fulfill my prophecy of...
Someday I'll Be An Ancestor.


Joanne said...

I hope your family appreciates your work. You are leaving such a history. Very nice - keep backups!

Click said...

It's a strange thought to think that in the future someone might be looking back on what we've left to work out who we were. I think our descendants are going to have so much more information to sift through as well, what with social media, blogs and other electronic devices. Family history research in the future could be very different!

Cait @ Click's Clan

bookworm said...

I can hardly imagine when my descendents will have to search through my blog (assuming Blogger exists, and the Internet exists) and my iPhone full of photos, instead of physical objects like letters, printed photos, and diaries. I wonder just how much the future will know us, if the electronic world disappears. And it could. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Su-sieee! Mac said...

If 4 generations make an ancestor, then I guess already am in the Philippines. Hmmm. That gives me a new category -- the Ancestor who was born in America. Hmmm. I think there's a story in that for me.

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