Former Floral Flour/Feed Sack Finds Fulfillment

As a 'Vintage Linen Collector', I think I must have been a 'Chiffonnier' in a former life.  How else can I explain a life long  attraction to any old piece of lace, ribbon, fabric, yarn, string, thread, embroidery, and on and on.  Didn't... and still doesn't matter if it was/is torn, tattered, stained, dirty, wearable or ready for the rag bag.

I call myself a Vintage Linen Collector which is a term widely used today among collectors of  all of the above mentioned collectibles.  I didn't come up with VLC myself, but sort of adopted the classification when I opened my first eBay shop, as 'Rag Picker' was not one of the choices.

That's right....I am a throwback to the late 19th Century and early 20th Century occupation of 'Chiffonnier'...fancy French name for 'Rag Picker'.  Thankfully, I don't rummage through the trash as Rag Pickers once did, but Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Estate Sales, and my own closet are prime places for picking.

I mentioned eBay earlier as one of my outlets for marketing my collection of vintage linens, laces and fabrics.  Other markets I have tried to peddle my wares have been rented booth spaces in Antique Malls, Flea Markets and more recently online again with eBay and ETSY. 

Yes, I have had some success in selling, and then turned right around and spent my earnings on someone elses  'Rag Pickings'.  I'm done with thinking I can part with even a single dresser scarf or a former flour sack turned yardage. 

From now on I'm peddling 'Former Flour Sack Shirts with Dresser Scarf Sleeves.


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Okay, Mama has told me many times of flour sack dresses. And having only two dresses to wear to school after they lost everything in a house fire. But where on earth do they still make cloth flour sacks in this day and age?!

Sue McPeak said...

The only flour/feed sack fabrics made today are reproduction prints of the 1930's and 40's sacks which is sold by the yard. Quilters especially love it for making quilts in patterns like 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' and 'Double Wedding Ring'.

The Former Flour/Feed Sacks I have are original from the 30's and 40's...as in the Blouse in this post. I am selective when I incorporate them in a project as they are becoming harder and harder to find. I have sold quite a lot of what I have collected over the years. Now I am having fun using them in clothing projects that have a vintage/recycled look.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a great top! Are you going to be selling them, or, just keeping them for yourself?

Joanne said...

they look very comfy and cool for summer heat (when it arrives). Very nice

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Beautiful designs, Texas Gal. I have a problem passing up remnants, scarves, clothing, and whatnot's at garage sales and thrift shops. I bring them home and not do anything. Yet. But until I do start getting creative at the sewing machine again, I'm staying out of thrift shops and looking the other way when I see garage sales. Estate sales, though, that's a different story.
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