The Widowers Second Wife's Wedding Deception

AtoZ Challenge...Letter W's fiction from forgotten fotos
continued from Letter I's...The School Teachers Improvised Identity

I felt like a fool.  How I let Georgina talk me into a church wedding, I'll never know, and on top of that making me promise that all the men...including me...would wear their black Stetsons before, during and after the wedding...without exception.

The only answer she would give to my question of "Why" was, "You will have to trust me.  It is the only way my only living relative can attend the wedding."

So here I stand...in church...Stetson on...at the alter looking out over the gathering of well wishers...all wearing black hats.  I couldn't help but smile thinking about how the town folks joined in the 'black hat wedding' theme for their much loved and respected school mistress.  For her, every man, woman and child donned their black bonnets, bowlers, bows, and Stetsons.

With a nod of his black bowler, the preacher gave the signal for the wedding march to begin.  The oldest of my six children, Willa, played the opening chords on the old upright, and a wave of black rose to greet the bride and her escort.  As they stepped into the isle, my bride flashed me a brilliant smile then nodded her circled black brim toward her escort and winked. 
I felt like I had been punched in the gut...again!!!
It was Him...or...Her.  It was the School Master...or...Mistress...or.....!!!
Even with the oversized Stetson plopped on top of the Dandy's head, I recognized him from the Application Photo from over a year ago.  As they made their way down the isle, I flashed back to the day she stepped off the train and announced to the crowd that SHE was the much anticipated new School Master...or...Mistress....or ???? 
Suddenly I felt sick. 
Who the Hell is HE and who is SHE...who are these people?
Why this Wedding Deception?
To be continued with Letter X...or...Y...or...Z!


  1. Hi Sue - interesting twisting and turning tale - then I'll wait til Monday .. cheers Hilary

  2. Ack! I need to jump back to the days I've missed! This is too good to read only half.

  3. Really! I have to wait for the rest of the story.

  4. Now I'm intrigued - and will have to go back and read more. I love old photos - and what a great idea to weave stories around them!

  5. I love a cliff-hanger - and I love weddings. What a perfect combo for a good story!

  6. I was away for the weekend and missed this!
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  7. Afraid I didn't follow that story but loved the old pictures anyway.
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

  8. I have to come back again and catch up some more! You tell a terrific story. Between you and Jack at ShipLog I get my doses of laughter, tears and tales!


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