Here Ye, Here Ye...Headlines From The Big House

AtoZ Challenge...Letter H's 'fiction from forgotten fotos'
...continued from Letter G...

The newspapers had a 'Headline Hay Day'...
Laude, Laude! VP's Girl A Lawyer
Needless to say our ritual breakfast following 'The Suffrage Hike on DC' and my incarceration were a bit strained.  Father's headline ranting could be heard from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other.
Mother, bless her heart, tolerated his outbursts with a practiced ease.  "Hannah, tell your daughter, that I refuse to pay another cent toward her bogus law degree", was his reaction to the revealing of the 'First Woman Law School Graduate' from his Alma Mater.
"Yes, dear.  I suppose that means you will decline having the new Law Library named after you", mother said as she turned to me and continued..."Georgina, you must know how betrayed your Father feels knowing that you deceived him in the pursuit of a Law Degree rather than a Doctorate in the Arts."
At that, Father slammed the offending headline down on the table and proceeded to the next daily newspaper with a dramatic gesture of unfolding the front page.  Mother calmly reached for the 'Laude, Laude' article and began clipping it from the front page as she leaned closer and whispered, "Don't worry, dear, I will continue to pay your tuition.  I'm so proud of you."
VP's Daughter In Holding Tank
VP Suffers Over Suffragette In Slammer 
"OUTRAGEOUS!!!  I can not believe that my own flesh and blood has put me in this position.  Women's Right to Vote!!!  Never happen!!! Mark my words, young lady!  Hannah, tell your daughter how sensible women like you have no business messing in politics or a say in who runs this country", Father ranted as he again slammed the paper on the table and stormed out of the room.
Mother rolled her eyes, picked up the papers and her scissors and said, "Now, Georgiana, as soon as you see 'General Jones', assure her that I have procured the space and staff we talked about.
My, my, we are so close to fulfilling our Law School Pact. 
 I wish I could be more public in my support.  


  1. Hi Sue - what an incredible story - the suffragette movement was a great and necessary coming together ..

    I love the way you're telling these stories .. they're fun and so informative to read - cheers Hilary

  2. They sure were woman before their time weren't they? I shudder to think where we'd be today if it weren't for them!

    I agree with my friend Hilary, your stories are just as enjoyable as can be!

  3. Hi, Sue,,
    I tremendously enjoyed your narrative, "Hear ye, hear ye!" I think that announcement has been used in court for many centuries. It most likely comes from England since at least the 1600's. Were it not for the Suffragettes we would not have that wonderful court system that recognizes women as well as men! Huzzah to you, for telling our story!"

  4. I imagine there were quite a few mothers and wives who supported the movement on the sly just to keep peace in the household.

  5. Great piece. There were lots of strong opinions about allowing women to vote. I hope one day soon women in Saudi Arabia will be able to drive. Step by step.

  6. Women didn't seem so frivolous in those times. They appeared to be stronger and passionate about their rights. We owe them so much.
    I'm certain they all went out to vote when they won the day. I wonder how many women bother to vote now?

  7. I don't always comment on your stories but I am really enjoying them. I will be sorry when the A to Z ends.


  8. So thankful for the women who paved the way!

  9. very fun post. My grandmother was a suffragette. Never knew until she passed away and we went through old photos. Lots of history in families needs to be told. And the right questions asked. Good writing!

  10. I love Hannah! Awesome how she's quietly (and effectively) supportive.



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