The GlutenFree Bread Baking RoundUp...A Tutorial

All My Flops + Recipe Research + Bread Machine + SIL Tips = A Loaf of Bread

First, I have to tell you that I am not an Expert on Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking.
Some of my 'Readers' have requested my Gluten Free Bread Making Recipe!
Through trial and error I have found that this works for me, and I'm glad to share!

The following Picture Tutorial shows the Brands of Ingredients I have used and the Ingredients and Tips are listed under each picture.

My Recipe is a combination of several Recipes gleaned from several sources, which will be given credit with the ingredient list.

The Gluten Free Flour Mix

This combination of Flours and Corn Starch make a Canister of GF Flour Mix the size of my Apple Canister.

3 cups Brown Rice Flour - Bobs Red Mill
3 cups Corn Starch - Hill Country Brand from HEB
2 cups Soy Flour - Hodgson Mill
1 cup Masa Harina - Maseca Corn Flour

(this site has lots of  Info for GlutenFree Baking)
(see Frequently Asked Questions...#5)

Measure all flours in LARGE bowl and Blend together...I use a Whisk. 
In another LARGE bowl using a Flour Sifter, transfer the flour to the sifter and sift to blend and smooth out any lumps.  This may or may not make a difference in the flour blending, but I like sifting because my Grandmother Minnie and my Mom always sifted flour.  It's a Good Thing!  Fill your Canister!

Recipe for One Loaf Baked In Bread Machine 
Before Mixing...Know About Your Bread Machine!!!

The Dry Ingredients

3 cups of Gluten Free Flour Mix ~ It's in Your Canister...neat huh!
1/4 to 1/2 cup of Sugar ~  I like it Sweet - Hill Country Fare HEB
1 cup Dry Milk Powder ~ I use non-fat - Hill Country Fare HEB 
1/4 teaspoon of salt
(Express Bake requires less salt than other settings...less salt provides a higher loaf)
2 1/2 teaspoons Xanthan Gum 
(found at Health Food Store ~ kind of expensive at $12.99 this size bag...also found at Walmart in the Gluten Free Isle for about 11.00...it lasts a long time and is critical to GF recipes)

Measure all ingredients into the Flour Sifter placed in a Medium size bowl....sift and set aside!
Notice that the YEAST is NOT USED YET!!!!

These ingredients from...The Gluten-Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman
(some measurement amounts have been modified by me for the Bread Machine)
The Wet Ingredients
Before Mixing The Wet Ingredients 
Know Steps to Loading and Setting Bread Machine 
Express Bake
Read the Express Bake Section Carefully! 

3 Eggs ~ My SisterInLaw uses 4...3 worked for me!
1 1/2 cup Warm Tap Water ~ 105 degrees to 110 degrees
(I checked with a meat themometer)
1/2 cup Oil ~ I use Canola
1 teaspoon vinegar ~ I use Cider Vinegar

Whisk together all of these Wet Ingredients.
Take Bread Pan out of Machine and Pour in the Wet Ingredients
(Follow instructions for loading and setting Bread Machine and Express Bake)

My Bread Machine:
Oster 2 lb. EXPRESSBAKE Breadmaker

Immediately after the Wet Ingredients gently add the DRY INGREDIENTS to the Pan.
Make a Shallow WELL in the TOP of the Flour Mix
(your Bread Machine will have visual instruction of this step)
Into the Well measure
1 Tablespoon of Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Dry Yeast
(always use fast-rising yeast - I use Red Star Quick Rise for Bread Machines)
(be sure and check expiration date on Yeast Jar and refrigerate after opening)

Place the Pan in the Bread Machine according to Instructions.
Set Bread Machine to Express Bake.
(Mine also let's you set the Crust Color...I use Medium)

While the Dough is mixing...
You may have to run a spatula around the edge of the pan...GF Flour is heavier than regular flours.

At the End of the Mix Cycle...Just Before the Rise Cycle
You may want to Pat Down/Smooth/Shape with a spatula the TOP of the Loaf. 
I wet the Spatula with water and  ShapeUp the Top of the Loaf. 

It is okay to open the lid during the Mix and Rise Cycles.

Read Your Bread Maker Instruction Booklet carefully for Use Instructions!

At the end of the Express Bake time...I select BAKE on the machines menu and
BAKE the Bread for 15 minutes more.  I set the timer on my oven.
This makes for a browner and more crusty loaf.

Remember...This recipe and instructions are for Making Bread with Gluten Free Flour.
This bread will be different in Texture and Heavier than Wheat Flour Bread!

As I mentioned in the beginning, this recipe and these Brands and Ingredients work for ME. 
 Be sure and read Labels for allergy warnings and specific ingredients that may be on your list of intolerances! 

I wish you all the Best in Baking GF Bread,


  1. This is such a service to those of us who have friends and family who must live gluten free. I'll be bookmarking this!

  2. I love your dish towel....sounds like a great recipe...

  3. I'm sure a lot of people are really going to appreciate this recipe. You are so sweet.

  4. Hi Sue, don't faint it is really me. I love this post. My sister-in-law has to have gluten free food and she will love this. I will send her your link.

    I'm going to your PS post for a belated comment now. Thank you for your faithful visits.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. I did a quick double take when I saw GF flour in the picture before I even read a word! I thought did I miss something? I didn't realize your bread was GF in the other post. Are you intolerant or a Celiac? I am so pleased to find a recipe I can use. I am Celiac. I can't come close to any gluten. I was not walking a month ago. and I still have a lot of pain and sever migraines. not to mention the IBS troubles. I could go on and on but that enough. I am happy to be alive and finally diagnosed and finding all my blogging buddings and Texas friends like YOU!

    Happy Monday

  6. I know a lot of people will be trying this recipe.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Out here in West Texas, we've only had a sprinkling of snow. The photo was from last year.
    We've had no rain so I expect we will all be covered in sand when all the sandstorms hit in the spring. Spring is NOT one of my favorites...I'd rather go right into summer as we have some great summer days. :)

  7. Good morning Sue, I came over to say howdy, howdy. My cousin Bob, when he is visiting, opens the door every morning and says that. I always think of my sweet Texas Sue when he says that.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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