...with Sugar and Cream Yarn, Dish Rags and Bonda!

I bet Ya'll were expecting a picture of HiHoney, huh?

 I do have one...of my First Love...HiHoney...I'll show it to you later!
Right now, It's Lovin'Bonda Time!

Yep, Bonda is a Knitting Machine and she makes Me A Knitting Machine Maniac!

And the Fastest DishRag Knitter around!
You see, I must have 24 Dish Rags Done by the middle of April, so I started last week with String and Stix.
By Friday I had TWO...only TWO...Rags knitted!
Do the Math Sue! 
 2 rags x 6 weeks = 12 rags
12 rags - 24 rags = 12 rags short

As Ya'll already know, I'm no Math Wizzard, and even with my Simple Arithmetic I figured out that Another Plan had to Happen!
Bonda to the Rescue!
Yep, by making TWO at a Time in about FIFTEEN Minutes, I had a Whole New Calculating System!
2 rags x (15min. x 4) = 8 rags per hour
So I figured if I could make 8 rags in One Hour....I could make 24 rags in Three Hours!  Yipee!

That leaves me Lots of TIME to Crochet the Edging!
Surely I can Finish in OneThousand ThreeHundred FortyFour Hours!
By that time I'll have Frozen Shoulder and Crampitis of the Hands!
Any Crochet Volunteers?

As promised...here's HiHoney driving his Classic 1979 Silverado....It's a Love Machine, too!


  1. It looks like HiHoney is saying, "No, I do not want to volunteer with the crocheting" lol.
    Great idea with putting the Bonda to work! I could help with crocheting. Do you want to help with my sock knitting?!

  2. I'm amazed by all the things you do and really believe you and Bonda will have them all done in 2-3 days!
    That is an interesting look HiHoney is giving you. Seems like I've been given a few of those too. A love machine, huh?

  3. I've never seen a machine like that. Does it really bump up the cost of the dishcloths? I have some peaches and cream to make some but I have to take the bag out of the closet first. Love the look "Mr Love Machine" gave....lol...

  4. LOL! HiHoney is looking at you like "Is she nuts??" :D

    Did I miss something? Why do you need so many dishclothes??
    And that Boda knitting machine is neat!~Ames

  5. I think Sugar and Cream is luscious! (Yes in yarn too) Never heard of Bonda, looks like a neat tool:@)

  6. What a great machine - I think we need to have a closer look.

  7. Wow! That's fast dishcloth production! HiHoney is looking pretty tough!

  8. Your knitting photos make me think of a funny thing I heard last evening.

    Our church has a craft group which many elderly ladies join. This friend says," When a member dies, they display her work on the table, and everyone is invited to take some one." So she in her 60s, says she will have her done too, another in her 80s says, you are not allow to displace it before me.

  9. Sue, you continue to amaze me. I must have been in the wrong line when they gave out talent.

    The problem is that I haven't discovered just what line it was that I was in.

    Hope to see you later for Pink Saturday.♥♥♥

  10. Oh Sue..how did I miss this blog!!! WOW that is alot of work...I have nothing to complain about LOL!! WOWOW!!!I had a couple of commission pieces..patterns I had to create..was a bit of a learning curve LOL!! I don't have a knitting machine though...I am thinking I might want to look into that...hmmmmmmm!
    I adore Sugar and Cream yarn...at the moment I am crocheting white little cloths so I can hand dye them. We shall see how they come out:)Yours are soooo beautiful!!! WOW! And your pictures...wonderful too!! I love taking macros of yarn..sooo colorful!!
    Well..am gonna have ta follow you here..and add ya to my blog list!! What a wonderful blog! Do you have your Etsy shop up yet? Well..off to see your shootout!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  11. Your hubby doesn't look like he's feelin' the crochet-volunteering luv!
    Your machine is cool.

  12. You always make me smile and it has been a while since I came over. I love that truck! What a classic! You know I am sewing, crochet and knitting and talentless so...give me a big ole truck anyday! I love it! But I do so admire your tremendous talent! My sister will be a great grand nan for the first time this Spring. I wish I had the talent to create some soft sweet baby girl stuff for my cute niece Kate! She is expecting a girl in May 2011. Aw...Hugs to you! Anne

  13. Those dish rags are might purdy (that's midwest talk). I've never seen a machine like this, wow what a time buster!!

  14. I bought a knitting machine onetime and because I didn't know how to finish the edges it didn't work for me : ( Oh I'm so hopeless when it come to sewing, knitting or any of the like. Now give me a glue gun and I can craft circles around anyone.... But as it goes, the grass is always greener I want to knit and sew, and now more than ever with our first grandchild on the way. Maybe I need to look into something like this again Oh how I do want to make a blanky.

    Thanks for sharing and lighting fire under me to learn!


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