A ShootOut With The Duke

Wednesday Focus on Photography

A few days ago, before the weather turned COLD, NeatONikon and I hit the Junk Shop Jackpot while
on a quest to Photograph Collections for an Entry In My Town Friday ShootOut.

The Duke...An American Icon whose Memorabilia is a highly sought after Collectible. 
These poster/photos were displayed thrown in among the junk treasures. 
These Straight Out Of The Camera Shots required no Editing....Way To Shoot, NeatONikon!

What fun, and after filling a ScanDisk and changing batteries twice, I left the Junk Treasure Shop Trap with a camera full of photos, a set of FireKing Christmas Dishes, a TeaPot and Tulip Candle Stick! 
It was a Good Day!


  1. I have ONE BIG FAN of John Wayne. He thinks he is John Wayne. Wrong!!! I love your post. It is a joy to visit your blog.

  2. Can't wait to see your goodies.I'm a huge fan of John Wayne. My mother had a secret thing for him. She never missed one of his movies. Even watched them several times in one day. Of course my favorite movie is The Quiet Man!~Ames

  3. I will definitely show this post to my husband. He was just talking about John Wayne the other day.

    I want to see Fire King Christmas dishes.

  4. Anonymous2/02/2011

    Definitely a good day, Sue!

  5. What an icon!
    My Great Dane has a lot in common with the best of the Duke - he's a stoic and strong and it's standing him in good stead right now.

  6. Wow, good day is an understatement! It's 25 below here and I'm not going anywhere except in front of the fire!

  7. oh I love John Wayne...those are great photos...

  8. You did hit the jackpot! My father collects John Wayne movies and it is fun to sometime go over and get a couple and spend some time watching. The good guy always wins which is the way it should be! Have a great week and STAY WARM!

  9. This is another great American hero. I miss the days goneby. They were truly fun and so decent and wholesome. Ah...Anne


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