I've been thinking about going to Cooking School.  You will probably think that's a good idea...after you read a few of my 'Cooking-Baking and Serving' posts.  You see I've always been a Make It Quick Cook,  BoxMix Baker and a Serve YerSelfer!

The pace of Cooking-Baking and Serving changed when HiHoney and I retired, and the discovery of my Gluten Allergy altered the Flours in the Canisters.  What a pain...all that label reading, flunked bread recipes, and globby gravy.

But, it has paid off, and I'm hoping my Stop and Smell the Homemade Bread and Gluten Free Recipies will help you in Living A Gluten Free LifeStyle.

You'll find a wide range of Cooking, Baking and Serving Posts here. 
Why?  Well, sometimes I'm 'All Over The Place' with
What Fits Where.

So, in the words of my Favorite Texas Cook...Bone Ah Peteet!
(Betcha didn't know Julia was from Texas, huh?)
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