In With the NEW...Out With the REALLY RATTY OLD!


The Month To Bring In The New and Throw Out The Old!!!

Who Said That?????

Are they NUTS!!!

BringIn the NEW....Okay, I can do THAT...I Like Some of the NEW!!!

ThrowOut the OLD....Never in a KaBillion Januarys...I LOVE the OLD!!!


I do LOVE my NEW Puter! Have you been Thinkin about a NEW or UpDated Puter?

Well, as for Me and Mine...OK make that Me and Me...

Windows 7 IS..."All It's Cracked Up ToBe!

I could do one of those Commercials...ya know, the ones that say
"Windows 7 was my Idea".


I could never ThrowOut!

She and I go Way Back...She was my First Head Vase!

I posted about her HERE...if you would like to know why I call her 'My Potty Find'.

Coming Soon To CollectInTexas Gal!

The Rest of These OLD THINGS...
Sue's Head Vase Collection

Reluctantly, It Goes To The 'BERMUDA TRIANGLE'!!!
Where Really Ratty Stuff has a way of Disappearing!

PS...It has been my Experience that One must be an ExSpeedyant DumpsterStalker in order to
Retrieve OPRRS!!!
(Other Peoples Really Ratty Stuff)


  1. I love Speedy Gonzales and you crack me up! I love the dumpster driver! You never know what you can find. Someone else's junk is another person's treasure! I am too broke to shop til Friday! Stopped by the ARC. OhMyGosh, I found the cutest Liz Clairborne pants & a pair by Ralph Lauren pants! Hope I can get them soon! I found a Valentine Bear but the hubby gave me the death stare so back to the ARC shelf he went! HA HA Your vase head is too cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love bringing in the new, letting go of the old, not so much. Great for others and then great for me when I can give it a new home. I do sometimes get rid of stuff, but usually I have to find it a new home with someone to love it. Collectors we are a curious breed.

  3. Howdy
    Wow another Texas blogger :)
    I am so thrilled I went out to ride the range .
    Your blog is swonderful :)
    I have had a fabulous time here.
    I'll come visit again soon.
    If you ever get over my way drop in the light is always on.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Happy Trails

  4. Ha ha! Today our daughter was over with the baby (yes, heavenly!) and she was watching me vacuum and mop in the family room and she said, "You really should buy a bunch of new stuff, new pillows, new furniture, new blankets . . . " Hmmph! No way! Now I know why my mother didn't delight in my decorating tips twenty years or so ago!

  5. That is why we all become dealers! We have so much old stuff that we don't want to get rid of...it somehow feels better when we sell it as antiques and know someone else will love it! I do occasionally pick up stuff from the neighbors trash...I am sure they talk behind my back. Oh Well. I hope you are staying warm.


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