The #50...The Squirts BigS's...GRIT's BigN's

Glitter Words

I like the Number Fifty!
Mathmatically speaking, I'm not what my 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Alexander would call much of an 'Arithmetic Student'.
Which is exactly what she told Mama and Daddy every Six Weeks on my 1956 Report Card.

Report Card Key: S = Satisfactory (SoSmart) N = Needs Improvement (Not GettinIt)

Now, 'The Squirt',that'd be YearYoungerBrother, was an 'Arithmetic Genuis' with all Big S's on his report card.

However, on report card day, I was pretty smug with my 'All Big S's' in
'Respects Public,Private Property.

Remember, I told you earlier about him being a 'Rock Throwin Pest'?

Well, anyway, 54 years later he's still gettin Big $'s in Arithmetic.
This GRIT...I'm still 'Not GettinIt'.
Thank goodness for the ArithmetiCalculator.

I'm always lookin for this Number 50!

Number Fifty Candles were a great substitute for Fifty Candles!
Survived being 'Half a Century Old'.
Sounds pretty young now!

Glitter Words

Yep, This Is It!

PS...Notice the 55 in the 'Height column'? That should have been 55 inches or 4ft 8inches.
Right above that was my end of the year 'Weight'...61 lbs.
Yep, just 6 digits difference.
I was nearly as tall as I was wide...mathmatically speaking!
Now does that make sense? No wonder I got BigN's.
Anyone can see that those legs are way longer than they are wide!


SusanB-knits said...

Happy 50th blog!
(even using a newfangledtechadvanced calculater can give me problems, lol)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh Congrats on 50th Blog! I wasn't a good Arithmetic student either. Loved Books and Reading! Everyone has something they are good at!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Congrats on your big 50!! (blog post that is. ;)
Wow you had the longest legs ever!! Just love always seeing your pretty blog, always new and fresh!!! Are we having some unTexas like weather or what? Try and stay warm.
♥ Teresa

CC said...

Congratulations on your 50th. Try and stay warm in this crazy Texas weather..

Sarah said...

You have the best sense of humor! I always laugh and smile as I read your posts. I love that you post old photos. Such fun and brings back some of my own childhood memories growing up in TX. Looking forward to celebrating! ~ Sarah

Annesphamily said...

My older brother who worked on the Denver Internat'l Airport design is one of those Math guys. We went to Catholic school and I got smacked a lot for not being smart like him! I work for an ENT doctor, he is an Engineer! The difference in money is H U G E ! I guess those Math skills paid off in a big way as my big brother is earning those big dollars and I am squeaking by! But I would never trade my life for all the money or anything else in this world! I love my lil phamily of close knit kids & hubby.

Pom Pom said...

Happy 50th post, Sue! You were such a cute, slim girl! I completely fell apart in math as soon as I hit high school - never recovered.

Just Me said...

Happy Happy 50! Love your posts, you are such a positive and happy person. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and glitter, Patti

Mollye said...

Oh Suzie suzie, You have taken a Creative Writing Genius pill! Your writing is WONDERFUL and I loved this post. There is something about certain numbers that will drive me crazy is I let it. Mine is 3 and the only thing I can figure is that my late hubby died 3/3/00, and soon after I went to live in an apartment # 33. But anyway. As for birthdays I have loved them all and thought each year was the best so that makes the Real Best next to come I guess. Happy Early Birthday if I should miss the actual. You are so funny and dear to me ya know. Stay warm and cozy, Mollye


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