January Gals, The Real Deal for Vintage Thingy Thursday

What are the Requirements for Being Vintage?
Inquiring minds 'Need To Know'!!
I've Pondered this before, but settled on...
If It Looks Old...It's Vintage!
Then, it happened this month! My Birthday!
And I just had to ask the Question, "Honey, do ya think I Look Old?"
And the Answer, "Well, ya know what they say about Grandmothers..."They're Just Antique Little Girls."
I don't think my question was directly answered,
but it sounds like I may be Vintage!

Just to be sure, I Googled 'What Makes It Vintage'.
In an 'Old NutShell' here's what I found:

~If it's a piece of History it's Collectible, but age alone doesn't always make it Vintage.
~If in High Demand and No longer Available it could be classified Vintage.
~Generally Vintage is somewhere between 20 and 50 years old.
~However, just because it's old doesn't make it Collectible!

It Must Be The Real Deal - Not A Copy!

All Righty Then! It's sounding more and more like ...I May Be Vintage!

Once it's been determined that the Vintage Thingy is The Real Deal,
there are Five Factors that determine it's Value.

#1 Overall Popularity...In other words 'Does Everyone Born in January Collect Them'?
#2 Rarity...In other words 'Does Everyone Born in January HAVE TO HAVE Them'?

#3 Artistic Achievement...In Other words 'Does Everyone Born in January Collect only the ones that are Perfect'?
#4 Originality...In Other words 'Does Everyone Born in January Collect only One of a Kind'?
#5 Condition...In Other words 'Does Everyone Born in January Collect only Mint pieces'?

This January Figurine With Garnet is an Original by Joseph, signed, foiled and MintVintage is listed on EBay for $39.99 + $11.35 shipping = $51.34
I don't believe I'll do This #5.
One down Four ToGo!

Actually it's a 'Big Ole Zero ToGo'!
I'm Goin with "If It Looks Old...It's Vintage".
And further more "If it's a January Gal, the $$ fits, and I like it...It's Vintage".

One thing I've learned this January is that Everyone Born In January Do Not Collect January Figurines.
Another thing I've figured out is 'Grandmothers ARE Just Antique Little Girls'.
I Love Being a Grandmother! I'm pretty sure that makes Me a Vintage Thingy!

Thanks Suzanne for hosting 'Vintage Thingy Thursday', and Thanks to all of You who visited my First VTT last week. I so appreciated the Warm Welcome and Comments!
I hope to see you all again this week over at ColoradoLady's Vintage Thingy Thursday.It's been a BlogginBirthday Week here at CollectInTexas Gal, and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my collection of January Gals, and if you have time Scroll Down and Join in the Party!
And...As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting.


Coloradolady said...

What a great post...Happy Birthday to you by the way...my mom is a January Birthday, and she does not fall in any of the categories! LOL Happy VTT!

Jocelyn said...

Very nice post. And a great answer to the pressing question - what is vintage? Love your January Angels. Happy VTT


Bev said...

Uh Oh. Between 20-50 years makes me vintage? And older makes me what? An antique? Or maybe just thankful to be here!

Happy Birthday!

marian said...

what a fun post & delightful little figurines

concretenprimroses said...

What a cute collection. Fun post.

Just Me said...

I must be vintage too! I'm always in demand and there's not another one like me! (that's a good thing). LOL! Love the figurines!
Happy BIrthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, what a great post! According to etsy, vintage is anything over 20 years old. I have a birthday angel from the collection of the third one. Mine is May. I love the first one; I want to spin in her twirly skirt!

Vonlipi said...

Happy Birthday! Those are lovely angels!

I just might be vintage too! lol

marmielu said...

Happy birthday! I remember those monthly figurines! I knew I was vintage when things from the 60's and 70's started becoming collectible and "cool"! I just enjoy it!
Mary Lou

Unknown said...

Oh those are fabulous! I think I got them for my mother who didnt appreciate them :) I think back then they were kinda cheesey huh? lol... Wish I had them now though!!!

happy vtt!

LV said...

I loved your post today. You came up with a great idea with your "girls". You are just as old as your age says. In body and spirit you can be young at heart. That is ;my out look and I am 80 and still do all my yard work. In fact, getting ready to pick up leaves now.

★Carol★ said...

You have such a wonderful collection of January Gals! I love these little girls so much. We each had a birthday angel, when I was little, and now I've started collecting them too. I never thought to collect all different kinds from one month though. I think you've inspired a new collection for me!
Happy VTT!

Postcardy said...

I don't collect figurines, but I like to find November birth month postcards because I was born in November.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy Birthday! Love the January angel/girls/ladies collection.

Ann said...

The angels are so pretty. Great post.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Such a sweet angel doll figurine collection!

Bea said...

What a sweet collection you have. I never thought about collecting only the ones for the month of my birth. I never wanted to collect an entire set of the twelve months.

Miri said...

Adorable January figurines!

Amanda Lee said...

Enjoyed your post-- Happy Birthday! The figurines are sweet.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I am so happy that someone has finally explained to me what is vintage. I think I might fit the requirements with the exception of being highly collectible!

Barbara Jean said...

These are adorable
Off to see more!

thanks for coming by and leaving a comment

did you enter the giveaways??


barbara jean

GardenOfDaisies said...

OH those little January girls are adorable! I take it your birthday must be in January, so happy birthday to you!

Maria said...

Congratulations to your birthday and your nice collection of january figurines. Thanks for stopping by.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

now you make me drool! love all the girls figurine! all so beautiful in their gowns and I can't pick one as fave! January girls always beautiful in & out! thanks for sharing & happy VTt

KK said...

It was so fun to stop by today. You and those January girls are fabulous. I have a precious January girl. My baby was 14 on the 11th of this month. I kinda dread the my Birthday thing this year cause I'll be the big 50. Oh My...really? Seems like the birthdays with the zero seem to be BIG! Haven't felt like this since the 4 zero...ok enuf said about this. 50 is good :-)Have a happy happy weekend. Kk

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Love the cute angels!
Patricia :o)

Ps: I'm vintage, too, and getting more and more vintage-er as the years go by... LOL


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