Key To Packing Bags In Baggage

      Many of January's days were filled with Fiber Arts.  That would be weaving on table loom Dorothy, restoring floor loom Sparrow, twinning on rug loom LibbyLula and rag rug crocheting on 'BigQ', and with all that 'Looming'...I managed to keep my one News Year Resolution of posting here on CollectInTexas Gal. 
My primary goal was the once a week 52 Ancestor Challenge...and I did it...5 of those post in January...only 57 weeks to go.  The other once a week Family History meme I participated in was photo prompt Sepia Saturday.  Again, I did it with 4 Sepia Saturday photo prompt posts.
     All together 2019 January's 20 posts are somewhat of a record after the record low posting in 2018. I'm sort of breaking my arm patting myself on the back. 
     Well, not really breaking...I need both arms and hands to 'Pack My Bags' in my Vintage Monarch Baggage. 
     Is this a cool piece of baggage or what?  About this suitcase, I can say, "They don't make them like this any more." 
     Although the company is still producing luggage today,  you don't see this made for train travel suitcase or it's companion piece the 'Train Case' makeup bag. 
     Saw a set on eBay for $65.  Don't know what the original cost was for a set, but I paid $4 for this one piece at Junktique Shop.
     Now if you are familiar with vintage/used luggage there is almost always one thing missing!
The Key.

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Joanne said...

I assume that vintage bag weighs around 200 pounds empty. I just got some new luggage - the super duper roller type and it's SO light. It might not last long enough to become vintage, but it's awesome for lugging through an airport.
And congrats on your Jan. posts. Glad to see Sue is BACK!


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