Relish Dishes and Fabric Stash Stripping...

...what they have in common! Can you guess?   

Before I reveal their commonality, let me tell you how I am relishing cutting some of my 'Fall Fabrics' into ONE Inch Strips. 

Wow, it is so liberating!  Usually I am very frugal with fabric yardage...doling it out in small increments as needed.  Lately though, I'm getting kind of crazy with the rotary cutter and slicing up a half yard of fabric at one time which gives me 18 one inch strips.  Believe it or not I have doubled that with several pieces in my stash!

Like I said....sooooo liberating and fun putting together the pieces that I think will work in my latest and most unlikely pairing of 'Pickle Dishes and Fabric Strips".
Then there is the addition of buttons, beads and baubles!  Have you figured it out yet?
It's a Jewelry Basket!


  1. folks will relish your trim. Rotary cutter - that sounds dangerous to me. I'll leave it to a professional like you. Have a good weekend.

    1. Yep, the rotary cutter can be a bit dangerous...even after years of using one, I still pay very close attention to keeping fingers out of the way. I'm looking forward to the weekend...I'm off for two days...YAY!

  2. So are the relish dishes staying inside the basket or just being used to determine a size? I'm liking these already.

    1. Definitely the dishes stay inside the basket as a divider tray for the jewelry. I am using clear glass so the basket bottom colors can be seen. I custom make the basket to fit the dish. So far all have been round, but I have an oval shape waiting to be made. Glad you like them.


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