Let The Big Time Twining Begin

Yep, it's a Big Time Twining Loom...compared to the 12x16 Hecho En Mexico Frame Loom I made to see if I really wanted to be a 'Rag Rug Rat'.  I do...so I did...order the BigTimeTwiner'...and it came today.  Yay!  I've been getting ready by ripping and stripping a bunch of OLD sheets for the warp.  I have a basket full of  'Warp RagBalls' ready to go.
A pile of  raggedy denim shirts, skirts, jeans and sheets are rip stripped and ready to go for the Twining weft.  Sound like I know what I'm doing huh?
 I'm really glad I did a practice piece on the 'Lil Bitty Loom'. 
I learned a lot between the actual weaving and watching U-tube videos. 
 So, now I am all set to
Let the Big Time Twining Begin!


  1. Bring it on -- let's see that baby work. Can't wait to see what you create with all that beautiful blue.

  2. say that three times fast - Big Time Twining. No whining. Good luck. It shall be fun see the results.


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