Super YoYo Maker

Believe it or not, I never ever wanted to make a YoYo quilt.  The main reason was cutting out all those circles and then hand stitching them to form the YoYo.  Too slow and too many to make a quilt of any size.  Not for me.  However, I was not adverse to collecting YoYo's made by someone else.
The someone else turned out to be a Super YoYo maker who made them to keep her hands busy while she talked about her life as a quilter back in the day.  I kept her supplied with fabric and thread and she kept me supplied with wonderful stories and lots of YoYo's.  Many were bundled in neat little packages and sold in my Quilt Shop.  My 90 year old YoYo Maker was so proud to be able to still earn her way doing what she loved....sewing/quilting. 
And I am please to be making my first YoYo quilt with YoYo's made by Yolanda.  I am in the process of stitching the binding and when that is done, I plan to do some embroidery around the YoYo's and add some buttons.  I think Yolanda would be proud of our partnership in this YoYo quilt....even if it is only 18 inches by 22 inches.


Amanda said...

Did you applique the yo-yos to a backing, or just stitch them together? I have some yo-yos handed down to me (not sure if my mom or grandma or great-grandma made them) and I'd like to do something with them, too1

Sue McPeak said...

Hi Amanda...Here's how I made my YoYo Mini Qlt....(1) layered backing, batting and background fabrics 4 to 5 inches larger than planned for finished piece (2) laid out YoYo arrangement and fabric glued in place with a dot in center of each YoYo (3) hand stitched YoYo's together where they joined...top, bottom, sides...through all three layers. Basically quilted it as I stitched the YoYo's in place.

I will show a picture of the finished piece when I finish the embroidery, a bit more quilting and binding stitched down. Thanks for your visit.

Joanne said...

very cute and I like that you helped keep a 90 year old out of trouble (ha). Glad she could do the dirty work for you. Very nice and memorable project.

Sue McPeak said...

She was a feisty lady...neither her daughter or I could keep up with her stitching. And, yes, it has been a nice memorable project. I have 3 more small quilts in the works from yoyo's she made. I bet she's smiling and saying, "Sue, what took you so long."

Wendy said...

I'd say you got the better end of that bargain!


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