Home Sweet Done Sewing Home

It's DONE!  Well, sorta!  If you are reading this and you know my history...a one DONE doesn't really mean it's DONE.  I'm not known as OverDo/DoneSue for a once Done anything.  Why should this MOVE be any different.  And...it hasn't been, but it is getting there.  I won't go into all that I have done, done, and done in my new sewing room, but I will share a few lost and found projects that I had 'Done Forgot' about....know what I mean.  Of course you do...if you are a quilter/sewer/crafter/overdoer.
A drawer of 1930's scraps, salvaged quilt top blocks and collected Thirty's Reproduction Prints yielded 3 small wall quilts pieced and quilted...done, done and done.  Except for adding a few 1930's buttons here and there.  The now slightly depleted drawer has been reorganized into 'Back To The 1930's Future' projects and has taken it's place on a more visible shelf so as not to be lost again. 
Speaking of lost and completely forgotten....over 20 paper pieced Tulip Blocks given to me by a former Sue's Quilt Shop customer who decided she didn't like paper piecing.  We struck a trade...Tulips for Pansy Fabric.  What fun I've had mixing and matching the Tulip blocks with my collection of 1930's Reproduction Prints to make a table runner, two table toppers and three wall hangings.
Here's a corner of my Home Sweet Done Sewing Home.  I'd have to say it really is DONE as I don't see another space for one more thing.  I don't sit in the chair often, but Dolly does, so the Tulip quilt will have to be displayed elsewhere or it will be a catch all for dog hair. 
Wow!  TWO posts for August...I'm on a roll. 
 I say that in all seriousness as August has not been a
 'Blogging Month' here on CollectInTexas Gal in the past 5 years. 
I'll talk about that tomorrow...August 15th...my '6th


Joanne said...

Your blog just brightens up a day. Dang, you've gotten a lot done. Too hot to be outdoors and I hope you've had your air cranked as you sew up projects. Looking good and very colorful. August is a weird month, but sounds like all is well. Have a great weekend

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great space. Our space is always under construction I've found out. More fun that way.


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