Lure's of An Old Tackle Box

I have been known to tell some Fishin'Whoppers in my time, and you may think this is going to be another one, but this time the truth is about more of my UseIt or LoseIt  Collectible DeStashing.  About this time every year, I get the urge to go fishing.  You know...with a pole and worms! 

I make it a practice to start each fishing season with a well supplied, organized and clean Tackle Box.  It's been several years since the last fishing outing, and no 'whopper', it was not easy finding all the 'Stuff/Tackle' for this years 'Catfish Catching Fever'.

Okay, I have been reeling you in and baiting your interest with all this 'Fishing Talk', but here's the real jest of this post.....I have been tackling my Jewelry Tackle Boxes!

It's another collector/ hoarders dream nightmare of beads, charms, wire, findings, vintage broaches, broken necklaces, more beads, pieces and parts of this and that and have I mentioned beads.  You get the picture!

Now picture this....I am hooked again on designing, repurposing and making jewelry.  My intention was to organize it all to sell.  HA!  Now, I'm full blown into browsing PINTEREST, ordering off Amazon and updating 'Findings'.  It's another 'OverDoSue' Thingy, but boy, is it fun!

 Designer Lure's....Vintage Silver Jeweled Fish pin, Abalone Shell earring,
Oyster Baroque Pearls, Amber Swarovski Crystals and InVogue silver spacers and Clasp.
I cured my Catfish Catching Fever with a trip to the grocery store.
Whopping good price and eating...cheaper than gearing up and buying worms!


Joanne said...

You reeled me in with your al-luring tales. I prefer fish packaged with no eyes. Younger son got a fish hook stuck in his head at age 10 and needed stitches. Um, no thanks. But your jewelry is stunning, and that's not a whopper lie.

Liz said...

Vintage with spunk! The fish is great. Love the asymmetric nature of the chain, it flows like water in a stream, each part a little bit different but all connected together in an amazingly gorgeous way. Makes me want to send my old broken jewelry to you :-)

Dana said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! What fun it must be to make.

Happy Thursday. :)


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