I Am So Not BLUE

If Your Favorite Color is BLUE...you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy!
Oh, Whoa!!!  I AM conservative, reliable and trustworthy...but BLUE is not my Favorite Color.
Having a personality color BLUE means you have a deep need
 for peace and harmony in your everyday life.
Not a 'Deep Need', but some peace and harmony is always welcome!

You don't like to draw attention to yourself...you prefer to be in the background.
Uh...No...somehow my background self ends up 'Front and Center' of attention.
As a personality color blue, you are sentimental and love things from the past
Okay, now we are talking!  I'm positive this is a trait for RED, too!
How else can I justify and call myself a BLUE and RED Button Collector?

When I am into RED WHITE and BLUE Button Jewelry Making!!!!
Okay...So I am a Little Bit BLUE!!!
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  1. I love button collections...especially red white and blue....:)

  2. Well I must be a BLUE person, I fit each category. Your red, white and blue jewelry is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

  3. Hello Sue,

    LOL This is a terrific Blue Monday post. (You know, a majority of people choose BLUE as their favorite color.)

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Interesting, Sue! I love your button work! I was at the Polish Pottery Outlet today and I received a BIG dose of blue! FUN!

  5. this dose of blues made me smile. You are ready for a patriotic week

  6. I love blue. I like what you did with the necklace. Very patriotic.

  7. Hi Sue .. I love bluey-shades .. and prefer pink and cheerful colours - blue is cheerful too .. sea-greens and turquoise .. but your buttons look quite delightful ..

    Cheers and happy buttoning .. Hilary

  8. Your button necklace is fun, great for the 4th! I love blue, but I also like red and other colors, peach is another favorite, I guess I have a special love of blue and white pottery and blue glass. Each color has its special appeal.

  9. So pretty, love it!

  10. Interesting. Love the post and the red, white and blue.
    Mm I lean towards blue but I don't think I'm conservative, reliable and trustworthy yes. The peace and harmony would be nice these days.
    But I am sentimental and love vintage.
    Love the buttons



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