Oh My Luckyday Mop Buttons

Have you noticed how 'Collectors' have their own 'Lingo' when describing their particular treasures?  I have discovered that to be so in the 'Button World'.

As a 'DNA Collector' of Buttons, I have never been much of a discriminatory button picker, although, as a 1930-1940 Fabric Collector, I am drawn to the buttons of that era as well.  Many of the buttons of that time are referred to as 'MOP' buttons and the 'Card' condition as being 'Pushed'.

I don't about you, but  mop and pushed in the same sentence did not strike me as anything to do with buttons.  No SireeeBob, not one button did I think of while wringing out that PineSol dirty water, stringy gross mop that when done pushing it across Mama's kitchen floor it hung on the rusty 'T' pipe that held three strands of galvanized wire chocked full of wooden spring loaded clothes pins where Dad's starched to the nines western shirts and our Peter Pan collared blouses with their mother of pearl buttons flapped in the West Texas wind.

Nope, not a thought to those Mother Of Pearl buttons....except Mama's warning..."Sue, be careful not to break those buttons in the wringer.  They are made of Mother of Pearl."

Yep, today was a 'Luckyday'...thanks to a 'Pushed' card of 'MOP' buttons!
Oh, and a Mama who believed in PineSol, Stringy Mops, Wringer Washers, Clothes Lines
and Luckyday Genuine Mother of Pearl Buttons.

MOP...Mother of Pearl
Pushed Card...Rounded corners-worn edges.
Value...BackInThe Day~10cents....Today on Ebay~10dollars
My MOP Memories...PRICELESS!!!
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Joanne said...

and I have learned something today. Very interesting.

LV said...

U have several old buttons and needle sets from a long time ago. I do not collect them just from various family estate. Your post most interesting.

Patty Antle said...

I love learning about buttons, from one button collector to another. MOP buttons rock!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother collected buttons (she sewed, but she bought many more buttons than she ever used). She used to keep them in a great big box, and my brother and I were allowed to play with them when we were at her house. We thought that was great fun.

I'm visiting from Pink Saturday.

Patti @ Magnolia Cottage

Tea in the Library said...

Learn something new every day!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

knew about MOP but not pushed. :) Love collecting buttons. I have some quite collectible ones passed down from a friend's Aunt who was a dressmaker. Gorgeous French buttons. Sue, tickled to see you at my blog!! xoxo


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