Friday Faces...Journal Writer and List Maker

November 11, 1877
Today began with lots of clouds and cool breezes.  The camp is quiet with most of the men on the trail.  Word came this morning of a raiding party within a days ride.

The sun has now burned away the cool.  A herd of ten to twelve deer wandered across the parade ground.

Mrs. Jones has come to call.  She says the Sgt. Majors wife had a son last week.

Game will be plentiful this winter.  So dreary and wet.  Puddles of mud dot the parade grounds.  Another day we must stay inside.

The men have had luck, plenty of wild game.  Randal is away also ~ something about the Indian problem at Palo Duro.  Such horrible conditions for travel.

Mail arrived but no word from home.
The Journals and letters written by frontier women who accompanied their husbands, fathers and brothers to the out posts and forts of the Western Frontier allows us a glimpse of everyday life from a woman's perspective with tidbits of information not found in 'Officers Reports'.  The writer of this Journal is believed to be the sister of the Commanding Officer of Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas. 

Fort Richardson is today, a Texas State Park and Historical Museum where the 'Journal Writer's' writing box, ink bottle and writing desk is on display.  Beside the journal pages is a list of names that appears to be an invitation list.  I'll let the 'List Maker' and Hostess of the event fill you in...here's your invitation.

Musical Friday
The Commander of Fort Richardson
Cordially invites you and yours
to an evening of
Music and Socializing
on the Veranda of
The Commander's Quarters.
Music by
Troubadour Troops Band
Refreshments by
Officer's Wives.
The history of Jacksboro and Fort Richardson interests me because it was where my 3XGreat Grandfather J.M. Leatherwood settled after serving in Texas Confederate Civil War.  It is where my 2XGreat Grandmother Josephine was raised and her daughter, my Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll was born and raised.  All lived within a few miles of Fort Richardson at the time this Journal Entry was written...Martha Jane was an infant.   A 'Time Travel' experience...neat, huh?
~Portrait photo from CITexasGal Collection of Vintage Photos (Unknown Woman...a representative of the period).  All photos by CITexas Gal.


  1. I loved getting to visit some of the old forts when I was still in Texas. They have so many more open to the public now.

  2. It still amazes me that there was a time when getting mail was big news :)

    Very interesting stuff and always neat to see how things were in times long past.

  3. That's a lovely old connection for you. I wonder if anyone of your ancestors would have attended a musical afternoon at the fort!

  4. This was so interesting as we don't have Forts here. I love anything historical

  5. Hi Sue .. there must be so much tantalising information in the letters, journals and odds and ends you find ..

    It's great you're giving us a story too .. cheers Hilary


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