May I...Be Away In May? Yes, You May!

While I'm away for awhile this lovely month of May,
please make yourself at home to roam/browse through the Archives and Pages
of CollectInTexas Gal and Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.

A collection of Posts about My Texas Ancestors...The AtoZ April Challenge
{click on photo}

A new Journal Entry from Emma at The Texas Boarding House

While I'm away this lovely Month of May....I'll return your visits and comments via email.

The worlds favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.
Edwin Way Teal


Ames said...

Hey...where you going? You better come back! Have fun.~Ames

Jeremy Bates said...

It reminds me of my mom's collections. Love to read more posts.

Sharkbytes said...

Edwin Way Teale is one of my favorite authors! Have a great month.

Beverly said...

Of course you may be away in May. But, I will miss you as I await June and your return.♥

jeanne said...

Hi Sue, enjoy your time away. I just came back from a two week blogging break. I will enjoy your past posts so much.

Hugs, Jeanne


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