Tombstone Tuesday~Mordecia M. Pittman

Mordecia Monroe Pittman
Born October 15, 1828 in Jackson County, Georgia
 Fifth child of Pleasant Owen and Susannah Benton Pittman
Brother of Archibald Benton, Noah Taylor, Pleasant Cicero, Pricilla Lucinda,
Teresa Elizabeth, Susannah Morina, Martha American, Timothy Thaddeus
Ann Cassandra and Letitia Gracie Pittman
Husband of Mary Jane Boggs
Married February 6, 1853
Mordecia and Mary had thirteen children. 
Their farm was located between Commerce and Brockton Roads in Jackson, County, Georgia.
Mary Jane Boggs Pittman
April 6, 1836 ~ October 5, 1905
Lieutenant Mordecia M. Pittman
Enlisted Confederacy May 13, 1862
Company E 34th Infantry Regiment of Georgia
Surrendered at Greensboro, N.C. April 26, 1865
Jackson County Attorney and County Court Judge 1875-1877
Died on May 3, 1896 at age 67
Cause of Death...Horse and Buggy Accident
On his way home from the Jackson County Court House, Mordecia M. Pittman was fatally injured when his horse was frightened by an umbrella falling from the buggy.  The funeral was held at the First Methodist Church of Jefferson, Georgia where the Pittman's were members.  Mordecia and Mary are buried in the Woodbine Cemetery, Jefferson, Georgia.
Pittman Family Tree Relationship of Mordecia M. Pittman
2nd Cousin 4xRemoved
Photo Acknowledgement
Confederate Headstone by D.Bagwell-Sept. 16, 2010-Find A Grave Memorial 
Oval Mordecia photo and Obituary information-Jackson County Historical News
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Wendy said...

At first the horse and buggy accident sounded so bizarre, but I bet such accidents were very common.

Annesphamily said...

Sue your rich family history is beautiful! I know lots of different accidents were very common than! Your family was wonderful and we all now how hard our ancestors worked. Without them none of us would be here today! You tell a beautiful and sometime sad story but I do enjoy them so very much!


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