The Un-Decorator Is Here

It's soooo much fun to have an 'Un-Decorator' again for Christmas.
It's been ten years since we have had one!

I really have missed the years without those 'Little Un-Decorators!  Those years of hanging the fancy glass ornaments knowing that wherever they were placed on the tree they were safe as could be. 

And those special Mary Maxium Beaded Balls...you know the ones with a kabillion tiny beads and itty bitty pins and sequins!  The ones you promise yourself you will finish before next Christmas and swear to neeevvvver order again no matter how good the sale price. 

They were hung without the fear of the Un-Decorator's little fingers Un-Beading and eating those yummy sequins.

So many  years of being able to wrap presents and putting them under the tree before Christmas Eve.  Ah, yes, not once did I find the bows crunched or the paper askew. 

Who knew....that two years ago at Christmas time another Un-Decorator was in the oven!   What a GIFT!

If you need an Un-Decorator to make your Holiday Decorating a
Re-Decorating Challenge, may I suggest a Two Year Old!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Your undecorater is adorable!

  2. As long as the un-decorator comes dressed to coordinate with the decor, it's a good thing. Adorable post!

  3. I know what you mean...trying to decide how to do my tree this year with little britches on the move...cute photo...

  4. Oh so cute! Or how about a 8 month old learning to crawl and pull up to his feet...oh my. Of course there is Charlie who thinks anything hanging low is for him to batt around. Enjoy your holiday...it will be great with little one's this year. hugs, Linda

  5. I love this term! I have two un-decorators!

  6. Such a cute un-decorator, I miss those. Nice to find a fellow Texan.

  7. And what a cute UN-decorator he is!!!


  8. How cute! Right now our grandaughter is scooting backwards and can't figure out how to get the pretties on that tree. But next year I think my daughter will have to move the ornaments up and leave the bottom bare. And tie the tree to something so she can't pull it over. She is so curious. I also told her she should make her a dusting outfit and make use of her scooting around the house. Hey double duty. :)~Ames

  9. That's adorable! Maybe THAT'S why I haven't put up the tree!

  10. Precious, Sue. Mine will be ready next year. Ahhh, tho, the memories of yore ..... treasured recall.

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  11. How precious, Sue. We have two "Un-Decorators" in our midst! Your tree is beautiful and so is your grandchild! I love your tree skirt - well I just love all of your Christmas decorations! Happy Holiday's to you and your family, Sue. Wonderful post . . . .

  12. Isn't it lovely that you have a little one to enjoy the baubles and decorations, hope you have lots of fun.

  13. Oh that undecorating is the most perfect gift! Too sweet - can't wait for a few new ones at The Old Parsonage too!

    Enjoy the season!



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