The Touchable Tree

I don't know about you, but my Christmas Tree Decorating through the years can be categorized into what I'll call...for lack of a better name....Touchable to Un-Touchable Trees!

HiHoney and I married two days after Christmas in 1965, so our First Tree was a Touchable Poor College Students Apartment Tree the next year in 1966.   Funny thing was, after it was decorated neither one of us 'Touched' it or the Red Birds that were our first ornaments.  Four of the Six Red Birds have survived the years of Touchable/UnTouchable Trees and this year are perched on the top branches.

I guess the Red Birds survived the years of Toddler Touching Trees because they flew to the top branches.  However, during the Toddler Touching Tree years, the ornaments ranged from painted wooden chooochoos,  paper airplanes, and hanging finger paint hand prints.

I always thought of those trees as the 'Touchable Trees'.  Afterall, when the tree toppled over on top of the toddler, the only tears shed were those of the toddler. 

Through the years of our Toddler Son and first three Toddler Grandkids the Red Birds survived and the Touchable Ornaments adorned the bottom half of the tree with a few Un-Touchables on the top half. 
During the NonToddler years a collection of UnTouchable Tree Ornaments joined the Red Birds.
The Touchable Tree Ornaments were gifted to the Our First Toddler Son and DIL
 for their years of Toddler Touchable Trees.

Today, I'm happy to say
The Toddler Touchable Tree
Is Here to Stay!

Click HERE to view the Flicker
Christmas Ornament Slide Show


  1. Sue, this is a cute post. I've been gifting my sister with "touchable" ornaments for her tree now that she has three toddler grands. Who wouldn't want to reach out and touch the ornaments. In fact, I now wire my ornaments onto my tree so others can safely touch them too. ;-)
    ~ Happy Holidays ~ Sarah

  2. How cute! I know what you mean about touchable trees! Since I have Charlie the cat my tree is always 'touchable' or 'batable' on the lower branches. Now with a new Grand it will be even more touchable! hugs, Linda

  3. This is so sweet! Why don't you link your tree post up to the Christmas Tree Party I'm hosting as part of the Christmas Blogger's Block Party!

  4. Touchable trees are the best. They accommaodate toddlers, cats, dogs, and those wild adults!!!!! Your ornaments are stunning. Glad you put the special ones near the top.

  5. Sue, I've missed you so. And, I have been so busy - and stinky sick. I am now in my sixth week of trying to get rid of this respiratory yuck!

    That has to be the sweetest little fellow. I wish I could give him a big ole hug. That is just the kind of touching that warms your heart.

  6. Hi Sue, I've got the re[iratory yuck too. All the ornaments are pretty. Everyone of my grands were allowed to touch the ornaments once. After that they didn't try. So the tree stayed intact. No topples here. That slide was neat.~Ames

  7. Hello Sue, Your explanation is great. In our house our pup is the biteable (not a real word) type. She nabbed three of the biteables just today. I was in the greatroom and I saw a pink cloth angel flying through the air. Yep, she nabbed it but no harm was done. On her bed were two more biteables ready to be bitten. Sigh!.

    Your photos, as always, are darling. Especially the little guy touching the red ball. Your ornament mosaic is so awesome. I love to admire beautiful ornaments.

    We were married in 1963. Fifty years is looming huh?

    Enjoy the season.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. What a precious share, Sue. That darling gentle touch ... oh, my! Get better quickly my friend. Another exquisite mosaic.
    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  9. oh he is so incredibly precious! the tree is gorgeous and the photos are amazing!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!! sending tons of holiday hugs...

  10. ps...hugs from your newest follower : )

  11. Adorable photos and your collage of ornaments took my breath away! Lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Merry Christmas!


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