Iowa Farm Girl Dirt Diggin' Genes/Jeans

My Iowa Farm Roots grow deep in Texas.....

My Mama was an Iowa Farm Girl and her Mama was an Iowa Farm Girl.

No wonder digging in the dirt has long been a favorite past time of mine....I guess you might say it runs in our DirtDiggin' Genes Jeans.

My first dirt digging was a yummy creation of Mudpie Pancakes that my brother was served for breakfast in our dirt floor playhouse. Through the years I found lots of things that deal with dirt.  Let's see, there's Dirty Laundry, Dirty Words, Dirt Poor, Dirt Farm, Dirt Devil, Dirty Jobs, Dirt Road, Dirt Dobber and Dirt.com .....Really!

Then there's related dirt words...Muddy Mess, Mudslinging, Mud Worm, Mud Wrestle, Muddy Water, Mud Puddle, and Mud.com....Not Really!
As a Texas Gardner...fancy name for Dirt Harder Than Rocks Farmer...I have accumulated a few tools handed down from the Iowa Family Farm.  However, my Great Uncles scythe...even in it's sharpest day...would not help much in clearing Texas mesquite.  It's now over 100 years old and hangs on my backyard fence.    

Then there's the Corn Row Seed Planter....that's it rustin' restin' on the side of my house.  It planted many a row of Iowa corn in it's day in Iowa.  When it moved to Texas, it refused to drop a single seed in the rock hard Texas dirt.  That's okay, cause the year I raised corn I started the seeds in the green house in February and transplanted them in April.  Uncle Eugene...Iowa Corn Farmer and Seed Planter user said, "You can't plant corn like that!"  Really, I said, nobody told me I couldn't, so I did! 

That was the sweetest corn I ever ate.  Wonder if it could have been from the sugar ants in the green house dirt.

My Mama and Her Mama will always be Iowa Farm Girls...and Me...I'll always be a Born In Iowa Raised In Texas Gal with Iowa-Texas Dirt in my Genes Jeans.

PS.... I'm proud to have Iowa Farm Girl Dirt Diggin Genes Jeans...just look who's wearin' them and Diggin' Texas Dirt now!


  1. Hi Sue, I love your dirt digging Genes, I mean jeans. I too love to dig in the dirt. I am a farmer's daughter and growing things is definitely in my genes. Love your photos, especially the wee one. He is adorable.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. Oh, what sweet cheeks!

  3. Love your post. I too made mud pies for family and friends as a child in Kentucky. I had a lovely little play house out near the corn crib where I baked my goodies. Fun memories.

    P.S. That's one cute little dude in the photos.

  4. Sue, what a cute post! You have the most delightful sense of humor. That little bundle is really cute! ~ Sarah

  5. Anonymous9/22/2010

    HI Sue! Oh, I'm a mudpie kind of gal too! :) Love your post about the dirt digging, but that photo of the little sweetie stole my heart! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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