Hot June Brought Sheep to Shop Demos

Did you know June had 5 Saturdays?  It made for a long time between the First Saturday Event of June and the next one this month.  Six weeks between the biggest sales day of the month makes for slow traffic and marketing.  Then there were record breaking temps in triple digits...wow...June...you were HOT.
The long hot month and slow traffic were incentives to find ways to advertise my Studio's newly set up Weaving and Spinning Space.  Strategically placed Chalk Boards at the Front Courtyard and Center Courtyard let visitors know I was OPEN and working in the Studio.  They worked...not only did my Rag Rug inventory and sales increase, blending and spinning yarn got lots of attention. 
Folks are quite amazed at how yarn makes it from 'Sheep to Shop'. 


  1. You are amazing, Sue! Don't you ever get tired? Lazy? I don't think so! That spinning wheel is lovely!

  2. Your black board advert is brilliant! People love to see demos; have you ever had someone say (while you were spinning), "Oh look, she's weaving!" sigh
    Part of the demo is education, eh? lol

  3. I love the black board! You have terrific marketing skills! (wink wink) HUGS


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