Shameful Self Promotion...Whoop Whoop!

Here it is the MIDDLE of JULY and my Blogging Posts Count is more Shameful than this Shameful Self Promotion.  As you might imagine...if you know my work nickname of OverDoSue...I've been way OVERDOingIt these last couple of months.  And they say Summer is Vacation time!  What's that?

So, Summer is also suppose to be HOT...and it definitely is that here in Texas.  However, in my world of Fiber...yarn spinning, knitting, crocheting...summer is the time to get ready for WINTER.  Surprisingly, this HOT mess sells when temps soar in triple digits.  Go Figure!!!  I took this display shot on a 98 degree day and two days later...102 degrees...the green Caplet, Tassel Collar, Knitted Sock Bag, 2 Kimonos and 3 Headbands were gone.
Oh and have I shamefully promoted my new Rag Rugs?
I dubbed them Kaleidescope RagRugs!
Whoop Whoop!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing my dear

  2. Well done Sue - you're doing a great job with your wonderful arrays of goodies ... so glad they're doing well - cheers Hilary

  3. lovely presentation. You should brag about those rag...rugs and more. Stay cool, my friend. This next week is going to be crazy in TX

  4. I seem to knit more in the summer since I moved to Texas. I blame the air conditioning. Maybe it causes people to buy knitted items too.

  5. I just read the article at KLST (it says video is coming soon, I'll have to check back). Keep on promoting your crafts.



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