'Gusher Age' To 'God Ahmighty',Thel...What Next?

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In the early 20th Century, the Texas oil boom, sometimes called the Gusher Age, was a time of dramatic change and economic growth in Texas.  After the Gushers, by the 1940's production stabilized in East Texas, and West Texas began to be more fully explored and the Permian Basin gradually became the top producing area of the state.  The Permian Basin became the Oil Service Capital of the nation as the influx of foreign oil depressed the price of oil and gas. 
Santa Rita #1
Management of the petrochemical industry and the discovery of natural gas and it's bi-products of styrene, butadiene, polypropylene, benzene and quantities of synthetic rubber and ammonia kept the Oil Industry booming.  New installation Plants were built along the Gulf Coast and the Houston Shipping Channel.  The Odessa-Midland area was a hub of Oil Service Companies with branches throughout smaller communities like Monahans, Kermit, Ozona, Big Lake and others. 

My Dad was a Jack of All Trades and one of them was as a 'Roughneck' on 'Drilling Rigs'....like the one pictured bottom left during the 1950's.  On the 'Rig', he was a Jack of All Rig Jobs from Floor Hand to Derrick Hand...which was the one that caused Mother the most worry.  In the bottom right picture, Dad and his brother MD are standing on a site where a 'Pulling Unit' is in operation.  This piece of machinery was part of the 'Oilfield Service Industry', which flourished during the 1950's through the 1990's, and will again when the current Texas Oil Drilling Boom Rigs move to their next Drilling Sites.

As I look at these pictures of Dad as a 20th Mid-Century Texas Oilman, I wonder what he would think about the  21st Century Oil Bidnezz.  I imagine he would say....
God Ahmighty, Thel, what will they think of next?
~photos by CollectInTexasGal©...1950 Drilling Location© by Thel~


  1. nifty pics of your "Roughneck" dad....

  2. Awesome memories and terrifici photos. Thanks for sharing and always, thank you for your friendship and stopping by my blog. HUGS

  3. No oil rig around my neck of world. But one time hubby and I went to calgary and saw a few oil rigs then.
    Coffee is on

  4. You look a lot like your mother.

    1. Yes she does! She is almost as sweet as our Mother too!

  5. I sure enjoyed reading this and the pictures. I don't remember
    Dad working on the rigs. I remember him welding and working heavy equipment for Ward County. Great Story!



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