Twas The Season

'The Tree' came out of the closet three weeks before Christmas with best intentions of decorating.  It was pretty with just the lights, and for another week or so, I plugged and unplugged with thoughts of dragging the decorations out of the closet.  On Christmas Eve day I hung 'The Ornament'.  Yes, you have seen it before.  I decided to keep one of the 'Origami Ornaments'...Twas the last one.
I had to go back to Christmas 2009 to find a picture of my fully decorated tree and fireplace.  Now I'm really beginning to regret not dragging all the decoration out of the closet.  Oh, wait, I don't have ALL those decorations anymore.  Last year I decided to downsize decorations!  What was I thinking!
This may be one of my favorite 'Christmas Tree' photos. 
From Christmas 2011 post 'The Un-Decorator Is Here'. 
Then there is 'The OverDoSue' Christmas Decorating in 2015 post 'Merry Mantel and More'.
In the coming years, I'll look back on Christmas 2017 as a Simpler Santa Season,
and it's not just about the Tree or the Mantel or the OverDoSue Decorations. 
Twas The First Season in 52 Christmas' it
Twas Just The Two of Us!

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  1. Just 2 can be nice. The closest we've been is 3 of us. This year (in San Angelo) there were 18 of us. Happy New Year!


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