Kitchen Fabrics...Recipe for Success

 For me, the letter 'U' for 'Useful' could easily replace 'A' for Apple in Alphabet thinking.  For many years, as an artist/designer/crafter/quilter/etc., I made a conscious effort to think and work abstractly.  It did not come naturally, but armed with the technically learned  elements of abstraction, success in abstraction in multiple mediums, including fabric, was accomplished. 
I should say...somewhat accomplished.  Here on my 'Ta-Da' Wall the two 'Abstract' Quilts' still have a modicum of balance and repetition that signifies my inability to completely 'Let Go'.  As for 'Usefulness'...they are useful table toppers and wall hangings.  Whew!
One can't deny the double up 'Usefulness' of these fabrics.  First being  perfect 'Microwave Bowl Warmer fabrics and then you get 'Recipes' for Banana Bread, Parker House Rolls and Sugar Cookies...all which can be warmed up and served in the Bowl Warmer.  What a great selling point! 
Really, once folks hear about how they are sooooo 'Useful' as potholders for hot bowls no other selling points are needed.  Another attraction is the combination of fabrics I put together.  I hunt high and low for unique and fun fabrics like the ones above which I found on a recent trip through Fredricksburg, Texas. 
Yep, any fabric with a Texas theme becomes a #1 best seller! 
And a
Recipe for Success!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - love the kitchen recipe idea ... I like having those sorts of things around - Have a very happy Christmas and New Year and all the best in 2018 - cheers Hilary

Joanne said...

you are truly one of the most creative blog friends I know. Great eye, good sense, and you truly enjoy what you do. Neat!


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