Keyhole Knitted Scarf...Unforgettably Soft

 The key word here is 'Keyhole'.  It's a scarf style I've wanted to make for several years, but couldn't find a FREE pattern...until now.  HERE it is on Ravelry...if you want to make one, too.  You will notice I have changed the pattern a bit.  I did the 'Rib K2,P2 Pattern' for the first 4 inches and then switched to Knit on the right side and Purl across the wrong side.  The pattern was written for Noro yarn and size 10 needles.  I prefer a softer less scratchy yarn like this skein of 'Unforgettable' mixed with an other soft yarn from my stash.  I also increased to size 11 needles.
As per my usual 'OverDoSue-ness'...a second Keyhole Scarf is waiting for casting on with larger needles.  I love both Vanna's green and Bernat's rose with this skein of Unforgettable, and since I can't decide which one to use, I'll just use both. 
I think the #15 needles will work for the extra strand of yarn.  If not, I do have even larger needles. It will be fun to experiment, and besides I need the casting on practice.  It has been awhile since I knitted.   Like Vanna, I am first a Crocheter, and I will probably adapt this Keyhole knitted pattern to a Crochet pattern.   Do you think Vanna would like a copy? 


Joanne said...

I do want to touch that scarf and wrap it around my neck. I'm sure Vanna would be honored to get one.

Sue McPeak said...

It is so touchable and soft and would great around your neck. Love Vanna's soft yarns...she has lots of her own patterns...probably a keyhole scarf among them. I'll have to check before I write one. Don't want to infringe on her copyright...LOL!

Sandy said...

I started a keyhole scarf over a year ago, then needed the needles for a different project and think I put it on a stitch holder....hum, or did I rip it out. Must go look. Like you, I don't like Noro yarn. I love their colors, but it's hard on the hands while knitting and I think would be very uncomfortable against your neck. Must go digging now through far too many WIP to see what I actually did do with my start of a keyhole. Lovely colors you've chosen.

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