SEPTEMBER Calendar Coincidence

I Collect Calendars, but I don't belong to the 'Calendar Collectors Society'.
Seriously...there is such a thing...I checked on it.
Website, too, although no activity on there since May 2011...I have a feeling there's not
a big market or much interest in outdated calendars, and whoever started the site was hoping to start a new wave/boom on 'Who, What, Where were YOU Back In The Day/Month/Year'.
Funny thing is, the last few days, weeks, month, I've been kind of out of sync with what to blog about. That Out-Of-Sync-ness led to this coincidental September Calendar Event. 

While perusing my photo archives I came across 'The Original Cowpokes' 1985 Calendar file.  I started looking at January...mostly because it's my Birthday Month...in 1985 it was on Sunday the 20th which was also Inauguration Day.  That led to a list of questions....

....Who was inaugurated?  Did I vote for him?  How old was I?  Where did we live?  How old was my kid?  Good grief, that was 28 years ago...and I didn't write a single note on the calendar.

With all that cluttering up my brain, I skipped February, March, April, May, June, July, August 1985 and landed in September....just because it's September 28 years later, and I didn't think I could handle trying to recall if there were any significant events through those skipped months.  Then the 'Been There Done That' feeling hit me.  There was something very familiar  about September 1985.  Yeeessssss......I'm one of those 'Protein Plus Aging Seniors'....you know the ones they have been talking about in AARP and the News.
We 'Protein Plusers' have better than average memory recall for our age. 
That has to be why Friday, September 6th rings a bell and flashes red in my
'Protein Plus Head'.
I swear I've seen a similar West Texas Landscape Scene recently, but without the Cowpokes.
~Sunday, January 20, 1985, the Second Inauguration of Ronad Reagan as the 40th President of the United States was held privately and publicly on Monday, January 21st.
~I, CollectInTexas Gal, do solemnly swear I was Thirty-eight years old and I did vote for Ronald Reagan....again!
~We lived in Monahans, Ward County, Texas.  
~I was a Teacher/Coach.
~My Kid was 13 years old.
~January 1st was the First Day of the New Year!

Thank-goodness for 'Protein Plus Vitamins' and an Out of Sync month of September.

BTW....If you have a 1985 Calendar....you too, can 'Recycle It' for 2013 and again in 2017.  I plan to....the only change in red will be Jackson's age...that will double.  I must remember to make my chiropractor appointment and take my PPVitamins.


  1. Your too funny. I love the Cowpokes calendar. Glad you can recycle it for this year. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I still have all of my calendars from the previous years. I love calendars, and I usually end up with the Mary Engelbreit ones. The 2014 calendars are already coming out. I must get one soon; thanks for the reminder.


  3. Gee, those cowpokes look like they are behind the spillway on Nasworthy. I love calendars. I have them all over the house. ALL of mine are well written in, despite having another calendar online.

  4. I'm always alert to those repeats too -- like when my anniversary falls on Saturday or my children's birthdays fall on the "right" day of the week.

  5. I have a little calendar that was my mothers, It is dated February 1927 and it meant something to her because that is the month and year she lost her older brother and daddy in a mining accident. I keep it safe because I don't want to lose it or damage it. It is very special to me because I can not imagine what went thru her mind at age 13 to lose her dad and brother.
    On a cheerful note, you share fun!

  6. Anonymous11/14/2013

    I have a small collection of calendars, all of them bought new. I add one calendar each year, always with a theme that I've never chosen before. This makes buying a new calendar each year much more interesting and exciting, as I look to see which themes catch my eye and then choose carefully between them.

    I started the collection in 2006 and recently bought a calendar for 2014, so I have nine calendars so far. I enjoy thumbing through them from time to time and sharing them with houseguests when I get a chance. Their resale value is of no interest to me.

    Recently I made a video of all the calendars in my collection and posted it on my blog. I hope the diversity of themes pleases you. http://outerhoard.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/nine-calendars-in-my-collection/


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