Combo Blog and Blog Shop...That's The Ticket!!!

I said I was going Fishing, I mean Stitching, but I what I really meant was both...Fishing and Stitching!
And I did!!!  This is what I caught.....
Actually, it's been in my 'Bait Bucket'...I mean 'Stitching Stash'...Oh Okay!!!
BOTH...for quite sometime.
 After FIVE years of CollectInTexas Gal being a Blog about:
Collecting everything from Art to Zippers
My Texas and Georgia Ancestors
Stories from Back In The Day
Knitting with SuKnitWitty
Quilting and QuiltALottie
Sewing and Crafting
My Grandkids
It Is Time For
This Woman's Place In The wwworld
UnCollecting (getting rid) of everything from Art To Zippers
Putting Ancestors in their Place...Tracks Blogs
Publishing stories about Back In The Day
Cure my Yarn-A-holic-ism and share Yarn-A-Rama Stash
Re-Open Sue's Quilt Store
Quilt for the Public and Sell Quilt Patterns
Market Sewing and Craft Projects
Whew...I think that ought to be enough for the new
CollectInTexas Gal Combo Blog and Blog Shop
While I'm working on the Blog Shop Pages...YOU can check out....

See Ya There and Back Here on October 1st....maybe sooner!!!
PS...I'll be keeping GrandKids and HiHoney for awhile longer.  I'm counting on their value increasing with age.


  1. Congradulations, I have not been around for a while, but trying to get started again. I am anxious to see your new, reopened shop.
    I know you will be busy but drop by if you can.
    Purple Goat Lady

  2. Your shop looks very nice, and I wish you success with it. I was over in your neck of the woods recently. Check out my blog.

  3. You are one busy wwwoman!


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