Fruits of Labor Day Labor

It's hardly been what one could call 'Labor'...making these zipper bags from vintage scraps, lace, buttons and notions. But since it's Labor Day....I'll call it a Labor of Love and Celebration.

Love in that I love using these pieces from the past and celebration in that I am actually getting some things made from them after years of collecting. 

I have plans to make more in different sizes and some for specific uses like crochet hook holders.  I've been looking at ideas over at SewCanShe's Tutorial Archives Crafty Little Things To Sew.   Visit her home page HERE.  If you are thinking about starting your Christmas Gift Sewing, like me, you will be soooo inspired with a visit to this website.  Like SewCanShe on Facebook and get all of her great projects, tutorials and giveaways. 

I did do a bit of 'Organizing/Straightening Labor in my Sewing/Quilting Studio on this Labor Day!
After dragging out the Vintage Scraps, Thirty's Reproduction Stash, Buttons, Lace and all, I had to stop production and make room for the next wave of Pouches and Zipper Bags.  I always enjoy seeing how other Quilter/Sewists organize their Studios, so I thought you might like to see mine.
I can make the biggest mess while sewing on scrappy projects. Every bin, basket and button jar I own has to be open and within reach.  From start to finish I have it spread all over the sewing room from cutting table to sewing machine to ironing board. 

I leave a trail of thread and snippits of fabric from the sewing room through the kitchen and into my office where the computer is....sometimes I have to take a break for a snack and more inspiration.  If you do what I do....then you know what I'm talking about.

No matter how big a mess I make....I have to Start in a Clean and Organized space.  So after filling a basket with Zipper Bags and Quilty HotPads it was time for Labor Day Labor.

That's how I spent my Labor Day!
Happy Labor Day, Ya'll


  1. Super cute bags, Sue! Your studio is wonderful!

  2. I like those little bags. I need to make about a dozen of them! HA! Looks like you got a lot of labor done.

  3. As usual you have created some lovely projects. Hot pads are so cute. I too worked in my studio this weekend. I completed a apron and matching hot pad for my friend's upcoming birthday. I'll be posting a photo later. (Don't want to ruin her surprise later this month!)

    Enjoy your studio. It's lovely.

  4. You can head over hear and help organize my new space ;) Hey, I just heard that Bonnie Hunter will be in Abilene next week. She's a real sweetie.

  5. Such pretty fabric and treasures here. It is always nice to stop by to say hi and catch up!


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