Aprons Outta Stash To Store~SOLD~

 There has been quite alot of This and That going on about Aprons lately.
All the pattern books have Aprons.  This I know as I have quite a few which I bought when
 Simplicity and Butterick patterns were on sale for 5 for $5.
I added them to my Apron Pattern Collection....I did need a few more...especially the Retro Look ones.

Have you priced patterns?  I hadn't in a long time, and was AGHAST at the cost...I like that word...aghast...it really gives you a sense of outrageousness, which is what I thought about a pattern for a simple apron costing $16.95.  Of course to soften the blow, stores offer an 'Everyday 40%Off'....REALLY???....why jack up the price to Outrageous then cut it 40% so it seems LessOutrageous when 'Savy Sewers' are going to wait for the 'Ridiculous 5 for $5 Sale'.  Where's the Marketing Sense in that?   I'm sure the 'MBA Pattern Gurus' have their reasons and ideas of how we 'Savy Sewers' think and spend our dollars.  
Anyway, it's a lost cause to try and make sense of it all, so I just don't buy patterns or even think about them until I see a Sale that takes me 'BackInTheDays' of pattern buying for $1 or less.  That'd be around 1970ish.  Remember those days?

I still have patterns from 'BackInTheDay'.  I bet you do, too.  I remember when going to the Fabric Store to just sit and look at the pattern books was a fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours.  Same thing went for just browsing through the bolts of Fabric. 

So, are you wondering what all that has to do with the this new apron hot off my Janome.  Well, you'd think with a collection of BackInTheDay and Five for Five Dollars patterns, I'd have made this Kitchen Kettle Apron from one of them.  I didn't!  I cut a butcher block paper pattern off of an Apron I got for my Birthday. 
 I mentioned HERE about having an Apron Fabric Stash.  This Kitchen Kettle Fabric is some of that Collection.
Along with my Apron Fabrics, I have quite a stash of Rick Rack, Bias Tape and all kinds of Trims and Lace.
I'm having FUN using what I have to make Aprons, and I'm economizing my time by making TwoAtATime!
These Two Aprons are listed in my ETSY Store.
HERE is the Link to the Aprons.
And here are the next TwoAtATime Aprons cutout and waiting to be made.
Notice the Notions price? 
Yep, BackInTheDay Red Rick Rack was 35 cents and 3 yards of Bias Tape was 39 cents.
That along with the Butcher Paper Pattern and Remnant priced fabric makes me
A Marketing Genius Guru Apronista!


  1. Deja vue all over again ! I DO remember those great prices. AND I remember the good grocery prices too but that's not that difficult since it wasn't that long ago ... it's gettin' crazy, isn't it.
    Well I love your aprons and it's good to have a stash.. (())

  2. The prices are crazy and all for a bit of tissue paper! I adore aprons though but not the new prices.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I love the Kettle Apron...it looks like what workers in a tea shop would wear or should wear...wink...wink...I'll have to be your saleslady.
    I have not looked at patterns in a few years...I probably would have fainted...just kiddin...that is outrageous.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. I don't even sew and I am shocked at the cost of patterns! But I found a cute apron pattern I sent to a friend in California because she sews too!
    I love this apron and the cute fabric! You know me and tea! Hee Hee!
    Good to see you today Sue!


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