Remnants-Poplin and Voilette Sale In 1917

My Great Grandmother Martha Jane probably never owned a Silk Finished Messaline dress and more than likely she didn't order remnants even with the PrePay Postage and the unheard of inclusion of  2 1/2 yards of SILK in each Remnant Bundle for $1.00.  What she probably did was study every picture and page of this W. and H. Walker mail order catalog and then shopped the local Texas Mercantile for cotton yardage that would make three dresses for her, Stella and Ella.  Stella was my grandmother, and in 1917 she probably wished for the '3 for $1.39' dresses.
I am my Great Grandmother Martha Jane's 'Remnant Collecting Granddaughter'.
And like Martha Jane, I am a 'Picky Remnant Collector'
with 100 percent Cottons being my #One Choice.
The Remnant Shelf is the first place I head these days at my local fabric store.
It's not that I really NEED these wrapped bundles....I just really love the way they look in my
 Sewing Room and the Basket that reminds me of my Great Grandmother.
Besides, much like in 1917,  these bundles are a bargin even without the
2 1/2 yards of SILK!
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BTW Suzanne...I thought of you...can you can guess which Remnant it was?


  1. My mother and the home ec teacher used to run into each other at Piece Goods all the time. They'd look at each other and laugh because they recognized that obsession with new fabric. The home ec teacher used to say, "You know, of course, that the one with the most fabric when they die wins." Probably she won because Momma was good about completing the outfits once she purchased the material. It looks like you're cut from the same fabric, har har.

  2. A dachshund Christmas print, how cute!!

  3. I love looking at the old ads for women's clothing, no matter the year. Those are lovely dresses in the add. Wish I could find some nice remnants like you did but our local fabric store doesn't seem to have many -- or I get there after everyone else and they've all been sold. I would collect more if I could find them!

  4. Oh, Sue...without a doubt!! What a CUTE piece of DOXIE fabric!!!

    I always check the remnant section. One of our quilt shops used to have great deals on remnants, but along the way they got wise and now package their remnants in bundles and they are sealed in bags, and cost around $42.00 on the average. So...I pass, if I am going to pay anywhere in the range of $42.00...it will be on yardage!

    Some of the other local shops have great deals on end of bolts, if you can just catch it at the right time. I need to stop buying anything...what I have will rot before I use it all!! It is an addiction!!

  5. Those are some lovely remnants; I've promised myself I can't buy any more fabric until I finishing sewing...at least HALF...the fabric I've already got.
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can do this.
    Pretty sure.

  6. I try my hardest to never pay full retail for any of my quilting supplies. Last week I went to my LQS and headed straight to the clearance section. Found fabric for one of my UFO's at 60% off. huge score and i love the fabric and so glad i changed from plain white a flower print.


  7. I love reading the old advertisement also the story of your Great Grandmother

    I found you on the blog hop at How sweet The sound

    I am going to make a friend an apron, or at least try, I haven't sewn for a couple years


  8. I love the vintage add here! What a sweet treat today!


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