My Sewing/Needlework Nests-OverFeathered at Best

Can you relate to the old adage, "It's like looking for a Needle in a Haystack" when you are literally looking for a needle?
I relate to Looking for a Needle alright...not in a Haystack, but in my Nests!
I'm such a Nester!  I make a Nest wherever I Sit and Knit/Sew/Crochet/Blog!
There's the Nest in the Living Room.  There's a nest around my Desk!
Then there's The Big Nest....it's a converted double car garage!
That's where we'll be for this post.
  The Big Nest is divided into Six Feathered Nests....Four Feathered Work Nests and Two Stuffed Storage Nests.
In the center of The Big Nest is the RuthieMae Nest...named after my MIL's heavy duty ironing board converted to an adjustable, padded table.  It's my favorite nest to sit and do handwork, knit, crochet and thumb through books and magazines.  It's a cozy space, but there's room for four when the Wednesday Knitters visit, and when it's just me I gather all the stuff I need for whatever project I'm working on and have it close at hand.  Two VIP things about the RuthieMae is the LIGHT and the CHAIR!
The Janome Nest is right behind the CHAIR which rolls over for sitting and sewing on my Janome 5000 Quilter/Piecer/DoItAll Sewing Machine.  This nest is actually a Five Part Nest comprised of two Koala Sewing Stations that gives me a Gem Gold Nest (second sewing machine), a LazySusan Sewing Tool Nest (aka Early American Prescut LazySusan Food Server),  The Needle Nest and The MiscNest (aka CatchAll Nest).
 The CatchAll Nest is a Koala Treasure Chest Sewing Station with Drawers.  When opened and butted against the Janome Nest, it makes a 'LShaped  MultiNesting Sewing Station or as I like to say...A Fine Feathered FabricFixin' Nest!
I did say 'The Big Nest' is divided into 'Six Nests'...right? Are you keeping Count?
I think I may have Over-Feathered these Two Nests...they seem to have multiplied!
So much so that I'll have to continue the Rest of the Nest on another post!
I hope you will come back for that....it maybe awhile...I sorta told HiHoney that I was downsizing!
But since I've been working at the Fabric Store,
 the Fabric Storage Nest has become an Over-Feathered Fleece Nest!!
HiHoney (husband)  hinted that much more and he'd be forced to fly away!
Hmmmm...I'll miss him!!!!
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  1. Sue,what a fabulous space and full of gorgeous treasures. I so love the quilted table. How original. I would get lost in there for days. Hubby would have to send out a search party,Or would he? maybe he'd enjoy me disappearing for a while He He LOL x

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and take the time to comment!
    You have a lovely blog! And amazing needlework. I do a little of cross stich but I never took on other embroidery tecniques.
    Love, Rita


  3. Your nest looks good! I think my nest has degraded into a slum nest. You've inspired me to clean up this mess of a nest!

  4. oh WOW Sue ... you give whole new meaning to "nesting" ! LOVE your nests, they are fabulous. I nest too but not nearly as neatly.

  5. Wow Sue that is some woman cave you have there. I don't stay focus on one craft long enough to devote an entire room to a work place for it. Yours is pretty organized too!~Ames

  6. Cleaning my nests is a forever on-going project. Like you said before, I have several projects going at once all the time-LOL!

  7. I'd have fun rummaging through your nests. I'd be bound to find lots of treasures. Thanks for following by.. newest follower.

  8. Love your nests. I was thinking of you as I drove to San Angelo yesterday. I stopped at an antique store in Burkburnett and saw a 'lady' vase, like the ones you collect. I brought a machine with me for this trip.

  9. What an imaginative way to name your creative spaces! They all look organized, to boot!

    You are one collectin' creative gal!

  10. Your nest is perfect! I am always excited to be here! My tea time quilt is keeping us toasty warm during the cold nights! Brrr....Sigh! Thank you again you are such a delight!

  11. HI Sue

    Love your creative nest. Looks like a fun place to get together and craft up a storm!

    Enjoy your week!

  12. Very great working area, not cluttered that much and well-organized.


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