Little Miss Sewed A Fine Seam

 As a Quilter and a Stitcher, I'm always drawn to Vintage pictures, patterns, books, buttons, needlework and just about anything that falls in the category of 'Collectible Sewing-Needlework' Memorbilia.  Sew, when I ran across this childrens book at a Junktique Shop,  I could not resist adding it to my collection....just for this one picture and poem.
The Neat Little Miss
Rebecca is a tidy maid,
Who's always starched and clean,
You see her sitting on a cushion
And sewing a fine seam.
Now, would you believe this little miss
Is always neat and clean like this?

 Little Tommy Tucker And Other Stories...1940...Collectible description HERE
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  1. She is darling!! I am saving her picture.

  2. That's a little treasure. You must have been very happy when you found that - it takes one back to a simpler time.

  3. These are wonderful...what treasures

  4. What a joy visiting someone that shares love of quilts. I enjoyed your post so much. I never made a quilt, love them and have many.

  5. ADORABLE!! Had I been in the shop, I would have grabbed this one too! What a sweet find!.. Have a great day and an even better weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  6. What a treasure to find, beautiful picture and the verse is lovely.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Anonymous12/01/2012

    You stuck gold with this one! :)


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