A Stitchers Apron's Statement....

....Sewing Forever~Housework Whenever~Cooking Never!

Did you know that the apron can be traced back to the earliest of Biblical times?  I read that HERE!   Can't you just imagine Adam in an apron with one of todays catchy apron quotes.

 "BarBQue Naked...ShowOff Your Buns". 
 You will find the history of aprons pretty interesting, as I did.  They really have been around for ages.   Back in the day, aprons were worn by craftsmen/women dealing with sharp instruments or hot objects.

 In fact, many of todays working craftsmen/women still wear an apron for protection from sharp instruments, hot objects and splattering BarBQue sauce.

That'd be ME...the Apron wearing working craftswoman with a Button that says, "Armed with Scissors...and I know how to Use Them".   Matter of fact, I do know how to use them....when I can find them. 

That's why I made this Fall Season Apron with deep pockets.  And since I seldom...like never...sit down at work, I don't worry about stabbing myself with those sharp shears! 
"This Ain't My First Apron Rodeo"
I've been a wearer and collector of aprons for a very long time. 
The first collected apron was my Grandmother Minnie's. 
Work Aprons? 
Well, let's just say I've worn ones that made a statement apropos for the time.
Newlywed..."I Kiss Better Than I Cook"
Waitress..."Kiss My Grits"
Mom..."Eat It or Wear It"
Starving Artist..."Good Art is in the Wallet of the Beholder"
Seamstress..."I'm Not Gonna Buy That....I Can Make It"
Quilter..."Behind every Quilter is a HUGE Pile of Fabric"
Quilt Shop Owner..."One yard of Fabric Is Never ENOUGH"
"Your Husband called and said Buy Whatever You Want"
On 'The Cutting Table' is my next 'Sewing Apron' for WORK!
As you can tell, my pattern is well used and showing it's Old Age.
I think an 18 year old pattern might be considered Vintage.
For sure, we now know that 'The Apron' is known to be as 'Old as Dirt'.
I wonder if Eve was the 'First Apron Stitcher'!
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  1. I love your great fall fabric Sue, the blue jays are beautiful! That's a fun pattern too! Yep, I'm an apron wearer too, they can be useful and fun:@)

  2. Oh good post! I adore aprons and wear them, almost, daily. They are great for keeping clothes cleaner longer and not wearing out washer nor using a lot of electricity. Our foremothers were Very Wise!
    Are you participating in Ellen Anne Giesel's Tie One On? I am, just as soon as I return home.

  3. Now that's a good-looking apron! And such a fun post. Where else can one get a little history, humor, and a Bible lesson but right here?

  4. Wonderful post! I LOVE aprons... you can never really have enough. I've always wanted to make aprons. It was something my mother and I often discussed before she passed. And I love that if I sneak in my kitchen when my girls are whipping up a surprise, they each always have an apron on!

  5. I have a thing for aprons and yours are lovely. Love the fall one and for Thanksgiving it'll be fun too, with all the cooking, lol..I used to love to sew when my girls, (32-33) were little, as I made dresses and overalls for them. These days I don't even have a sewing machine, I gave it away many years ago. Thank you for the Bible lesson, the fun and specially for your sweet comment. Big hugs,

  6. I love aprons! What a wonderful post about them1 You have such a cute blog I am going to follow you, and look forward to reading more.

  7. Great apron pattern that has served you well. New fabrics make all the difference in keeping updated.

  8. Hi Sue, I sure do love your terrific apron post. I too wear aprons when I cook. I used to wear one when I sold antiques because I could use the pockets for holding money, receipt books, pens, and scotch tape etc. I made my own patterns ( thanks for teaching me mama)and designed the pockets for my needs. Remember our sister/daughters Christmas cookie times. I once made everyone, including the grands, matching aprons. I still have a bolt of the fabric I used. Hmmmmm, I should give it to someone. I think it is in the attic.

    Thanks for sharing your wit and fun personality in this apron post. I enjoyed it so much.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. I love that everything has a story. Who would have thought that would be true for aprons!

  10. A sewing apron with a spot to keep everything handy!!! Great job and a great post. I totally agree.. Sewing Forever ~ Housework Whenever ~ Cooking Never!!!!!!

  11. Hi Sue, I've featured your Stitchers Apron today...


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