Stitchin' In September...Last Day!

I say this every year,
"I can't believe Summer is Over and Fall is here!"
I also say,
"This year I'm going to start my Christmas Shopping Gift Making early...like in September."
And THIS September I actually DID...get it STARTED!!!
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I've been known to Swear to WorkOn & FINISH my PhD...
Projects Half Done or better known as WIP's...Works In Projects.
And THIS September I actually DID!
I make myself the 'Biggest Liar' by shootin' off my mouth and  saying,
"I'm NOT making ANOTHER BAG!!!"
I can Justify this 'Broken Promise'...
"I needed to practice on making Granny Squares and the
 NEW Connecting Stitch I learned from Pinterest."
I wanted to 'GetRDone' before the 'LastDay of September'!
This is NOT JUST ANY OLE BAG...It' is a Multi-Taskin Bag!
See the 'Flat Braid Joining Stitch' on my
PS...Check back in October...like tomorrow...I'll be further JUSTIFING making the 'MultiTaskin Bag!


  1. The yarn shop must've seen you coming. I bet you made their day! Your projects look so colorful and cheerful.

  2. Oh wow, look at all your wonderful bags!! Love the bright colors of your crochet projects!

  3. Ha Ha,you're like me,I say not making another bag. I have them everywhere even hanging on door knobs,not crocheted, but fabric though. My family and friends call me the bag lady.:) Love your crochet ones. I must check out that joining stitch. x

  4. You are very organized! SMile!


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