The Joy of Innovative Cooking and Serving

I'm NOT  Much Of A Resolution Setter! 
I'm NOT Much Of A Trend Setter! 

I Am Good At Makin' Somethin' Outta Not Much Of Nothin'!
HiHoney calls that Stingy!  I call it Conservative!

No matter what you call it, I've always relied on my Stingyness....especially in the Art of Kitchen Conservation! 
Here it is a New Year and I'm going to put on a New Apron with Deeper Pockets and  try my PotHolder Hand at
 'Cooking Thru TwentyOneOne' with the 'New Joy of Cooking'.

The Joy of Cooking is definately NOT New...in fact, my 1997 Edition was a Thrift Find in a Used Book Shop for $1.  I really wanted a copy of Julia's Cookbook, and searched for months after seeing the movie for a used one.  Ha!  Used ones on Amazon were not $1 and NEW ones...Ha!  Besides, I don't think in a Cabillion Conservative Years I could make that 'Aspic Recipe'... that's French for 'Fancy CalvesFeet'.

Mmmmm Cream of Cauliflower Soup....My First Joy of Innovative Soup!!!

I have to Preface my Claim to Innovative Cooking...you see I have a Few FoodAllergies and HiHoney has Salt, Cholesterol, Fat, etc. Issues.  Put those together with InateStingyness, and you have Extended Hours at the Grocery Store where I'm known as the 'Sherlock HomeGal'...have Magnifyer Can Find MSG. 
Whew...Shopping Challenges and  Cooking Challenges.... that's Okay...I Love a Challenge! 
Innovations for Cream of Cauliflower Soup
Added Broccoli ~ Fresh from Mixed Veggie Bag
Frozen Chopped Onions ~ Saves Time and Tears
Unsalted Butter ~ Salt Substitue

Mmmmmmm!!! Chicken Turkey Cacciatore...Italian TexMex MainDish!!!

Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer...First Edition 1931
Sorry Irma, I had to really revise your Italian Chicken Cacciatore to fit our Texas Taste and besides,
 I had to use the Leftover Turkey from Christmas Dinner!
Innovations for Southwest Turkey CacciTexMex
Turkey for Chicken
Chipolte Seasoning for Bay leaf, Rosemary and Sage
Dos EQQS Beer for White Wine
TexMex Tomatoes for Italian Style Tomatoes
Addition of
Hominy and Salsa 

The Joy of Innovative Serving!!!

In 2010 I discovered the Art of Tablescaping! 
 Thanks to these very Talented Tablescappers in BlogLand.

Innovations in Tablescapping
Using Vintage Collection of Dishes
Thrift and Antique Store Shopping
Using Quilt Table Toppers & Vintage Tablecloths

Earlier I said, "I Love A Challenge".

While I'm Not a Resolution Setter...I am a Goal Setter.

So in TwentyOneOne...My Goals Are:

~My OneWord Goal ~ CHALLENGE!!!
~Cook and Serve Thru2011 with The New Joy of Cooking!
~Focus on Photography!
~Conserve BlogTime and Space!

In order to 'Conserve BlogTime and Space I will be combining 'My Memes' or Party's.

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  1. I got that cook book many years ago for just $3 and it is the best of any I've ever had. I just love it. Tell HiHoney it's not being stingy; it's being CREATIVE, sugar!!!

  2. I'll enjoy watching this space for your innovations to the Joy of Cooking. We should all be cooking as though we had your HiHoney's issues...

  3. Great goals! I have a copy of the Joy of Cooking that was a gift many years ago. I did find a copy of Julia Childs cookbook at a thrift and I treasure it. Hope you can find a copy...not that I'm cooking from it...My word this year is ORGANIZE, and my other goals are taking better care of me (my health) and explore photography more. Go us!!

  4. I will definitely be following you through your challenge. I would LOVE to try my hand at it as well!! I guess I will live vicariously through your blog!! You were so lucky to find that book for a dollar!!! I can't even believe it! I can't wait to see the creations you will whip up!

  5. Love everything. I think you are going to have a fabuous year. Great goals. I love your inspiration. Oh yes I have the Joy of Cooking also. Today is soup day and redo living room.

  6. I'm cooking through Cooking Light Cookbook from 1983. No wonder they don't use Splenda or Equal. Don & I are hoping to see the scales start to head the other direction. One meal at a time. Your meal looked really good and healthy. Got those veggies in. Take care.

  7. Best wishes on your journey through the Joys of Cooking. I look forward to hearing about your cooking adventures in 2011.

  8. I would love to find a copy of the Joys of Cooking. Your food does sound healthy. I love veggies. Happy New Years to you and your family.!

  9. Looks delicious, and such a pretty table! look forward to more Joys of Cooking on your blog! I'm with you on the chipotle!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Yummy! Everything looks so good ~ I'm coming to your house.

  11. Your starting off menu looks great. Oh, how I wish I could cook. It has never been and will probably never be my forte!

    Maybe I'll pass this idea along to Mr. Sissie! LOL!


  12. I'm loving your innovations to the Joy of Cooking! Bring on the beer (or the wine)!!!!!!! And a big YeeHaw to the hot sauce! :D :D :D Happy New Year!

  13. I love writing out my goals for the year...and you're off to a great start! Happy New Year! ♥♥♥

  14. I just bought a head of cauliflower to make soup! What a wonderful job you do on taking out the bad and cracking up the delicious.

    Happy New Year to you!

  15. It's soup weather~ Your cauliflower soup with broccoli needs to be on my table this week! And I SO love the convenience of frozen chopped onions! Happy New Year :-)

  16. Your table looks nice, like the doilies under the plates. And, the two recipes look yummy - I mix cauliflower & broccoli together for soup too.

  17. My you set a lovely table!!! So warm and welcoming! Happy New Year! Cathy

  18. I learned to be conservative in the kitchen from Mom who could make a 3lb. meatloaf out of a lb. of ground beef. She filled 9 tummies 3 times a day including snacks throughout our play days. She is a wonder still, how she can make a meal out of nothing. She epitomizes Stone Soup. Thank You for reminding me how much I have learned from her.
    Collecting cookbooks has been a passion of mine and I see I have another one to search for. I find a lot of them in antique stores and tag sales.
    Your Creamed soup looks great, and what an inviting table you set. Do you do this all the time? Beautiful.

  19. I gave that same cookbook to my son and future DIL for Christmas. A great book. Take care.

  20. You've definitely been bitten by the bloggy bug...now dishes, thrifty finds and photo shoots will be a big part of your life and all your friends will roll their eyes when you squeal and shout "blog fodder"!!! I think you've risen to the challenge well and I love all of your posts!!!

  21. Sue,
    I am not much of goal setter but my word for this year is accomplish! Even if I only finish a couple of things....And I am not buying any more fabric until I make a dent in what I have already.

    Of course, now I am going to drop everything and try to make a calendar like Mary's!


  22. I think you are definately on the right track for your new year. Soup and entree look delicious. The Joy Cookbook is my go to when I am looking to cook prime rib. It comes out perfect every time.

  23. Happy New Year Sue, I love your one word resolution. It's like one size fits 'MOST'. HA! Your soup looks yummy and your table is lovely. You made me smile, as always, when you credited blogging for your tablescape creations and the movie about Julia Child for your new cooking 'challenge'. I adored that movie!!! AND...I agree about all the clever ideas from blogging. I love that about blogging. Most of all, I too am so happy to know you Sue. Thank you so much for your sweet PS comment. I am late getting to my friends from that post. It's better than 'never' huh? Smile.

    Warm hugs and have a great New Year's challenge.

    PS: Now you have me seriously thinking of a goal setting word for my resolution. One thing for sure, it will not include a word about quilting...HA!!!

  24. First of all, two yummy mosaics!! And itsounds like you have a great start for the New Year!

  25. I have lived in my house for close to 4 years and I can count the number of times I have turned on my stove on one hand! I love a good cook, but I am not one. Looks great and I love the table scape.

  26. Oh it all looks soooooooo good. Now I am so hungry. Your tablescape is stunning also. Isn't it fun to put some thrift dishes and finds together with what you already have and set a pretty table. Beautiful linens also. Thanks for the kind word too. Also, thanks for joining TTT, I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  27. All of the food you have prepared looks yummy Sue. I like how you round out your meals with salad. Makes me want to raid the frig!

    Hey, I see those pretty green compote dishes you found and love those EAPC double candlesticks too! Look forward to the next meal! ~Ames.

  28. Anonymous1/04/2011

    Happy New Year and I have that cookbook too. Yummy, the soup looks good sitting on your beautiful table! :) I adore that cute little embroidered dish towel. I love those little cuties.
    Be a sweetei,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Thanks for stopping by. Your post is just wonderful. I too have to watch what we cook for some of the same issues. Salt and for me no spicy. Leads to creativity. I make most of my food from scratch. Last night I made biscuits from scratch. My friends think I from another planet. Love the little embroidered towel. Too cute!

  30. Great post! The Joy of cooking has been a staple on the shelf in my kitchen for years now. I recently went to an estate sale, and found two very old copies of Joy in tattered, very used condition. It made me smile to know that the now deceased lady of the house (she was in her 90's) used those books so much!

  31. Mmm, my mouth is watering! One of my best friends gave me an extra copy of The Joy of Cooking that she had on her shelves years ago -- it is stained and dog-eared by now... :)

  32. Well you sure look like a good cook. Happy New year to you! Pretty table setting too.

  33. Your table looks so pretty. Bet the meal was good, too. :)

  34. Sweet Sue! You are so darn cute! I have a copy of the Joy of Cooking. In fact Sweets tried to put it in the giveaway box when we moved! Ah! I caught him and hid it! Now its sitting in a box in the front of my garage. Which is quite sad as that two car garage is packed to the rafters with S T U F F !


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