The Joy of Cooking and Serving Drop Biscuts

The Flour Innovation Challenge

This really is about Biscuts...NOT Pancakes! 
This really is about Flour...Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free!

Yep, it's one of My Food Allergies...mentioned in The Joy of Innovative Cooking #1.

The New Joy provided several recipes for Flour Innovation Intervention, and the Drop Biscuts with Corn Meal ... well it suited my Biscut Challenge perfectly!

I'll tell you about the Flour in a minute, but first....about these baking products...

Don't you just love that Clabber Girl Baking Powder is a tried and true product and is still the #1 prefered Baking Powder in the USA.

Clabber Girl Corporation grew from the original business that was incorporated over 150 years ago. Hulman & Company began in Terre Haute, Indiana in early 1850. Originally a wholesale grocery store, the business expanded into manufacturing with the addition of a storeroom and spice mill behind the store in 1869. The company continued to expand and by 1879 was manufacturing a variety of products, including spices, coffees, and baking powder under many different brand names. By 1899 Clabber brand baking powder was introduced, and today the Clabber Girl brand, as renamed in 1923, is distributed nationwide and to many different countries around the world.
Clabber Girl History   Clabber Girl Museum and Bake Shop  Clabber Girl Blog 
Now get this...Clabber Girl is so WithIt that she has her own Facebook and Twitter.  Pretty cool for a 150 year old Gal!!!

Now...about the Wheat Free and Gluten Free Flour!
It has been a Challenge to find a Flour Mix, and this one really does make the BEST Pancakes ever! 
HiHoney can't even tell the difference, and he's a Pancake Expert!
Does it make good Biscuts?  Yes it does!

Innovations for Drop Biscuts
Wheat Free and Gluten Free Flour
(Available at Health Food Stores and HEB in Texas)
Reduced Fat and No Cholesterol
Baked on Parchment Paper
Added Corn Meal
(Tip for NextTime...Get a Pastry Blender...for more Joyful Cutting in the Butter)

Served With

Breakfast for Two 
Droped Biscuts and Huevos Rancheros

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  1. Anonymous1/09/2011

    Those are making my mouth water!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe!! I'm definitely going to have to give those a try. Yours looks yummy AND beautiful!!! Happy Sunday to you!!
    ♥ Babbs

  2. Wish I could have had breakfast with you. I would have loved those drop biscuits. Instead, I had a cold bowl of cereal.

  3. yum yum! breakfast looks good! we had oatmeal with blueberries this morning

  4. I do love some drop biscuits! Yum!

  5. Thank goodness there's some kind of cake you can safely eat. Allergies - what a pain.

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving a comment - I'm finally surfacing to wish you a Happy New Year after a disastrous computer crash compounded by my 2nd bout of flu! Not a good start... it can only get better, lol. And no, neither the crash or the flu is communicable by email, lol lol lol

    Hugs from the UK!

  6. The "Joy" of eating biscuits!!!!

  7. Sue these biscuits look so simple to make! I need a good biscuit recipe.

    Seems to me I remember reading somewhere about someone winning a short story contest for Clabber Girl. May have been from the Anne of Greene Gables series. Anyway, I'll have to go check out the websites you have listed.

    When my aunt was a little girl, she won the "Name Elsie's Calf" contest that Borden's milk hosted. She named him Beauregard and won!

    As always, great post!~Ames

  8. Mmmm that looks like a very good Sunday breakfast. I haven't even got to the coffee stage yet, but those biscuits are tempting!

  9. Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
    Oh dear, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. This breakfast. Always a day late and a dollar short. Boy does this ever look scrumptous. Oh my.

    I wonder how these drop biscuits would be for a diabetic? Being an insulin diabetic I have basically given up carbs and just wondered how this would fit in? Do you know? They look and sound so yummy.

    A beautiful share, and I missed another gorgeous breakfast. Darn it. You make the most beautiful table setting sweetie.

    Have a gorgeous Sunday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. looks like biscuits my Nana used to make...

  11. They sure turned out well. Breakfast looked yummy. Have a great Sunday.

  12. What a wonderful breakfast table you set. Food looks great on those fiesta dishes. I have a good friend that must have gluten free diet. Have you tried the brownie mix from Trader Joe? They are wonderful served with gluten free ice cream.

  13. These biscuts look so yummy. I think I'll have to try a few.


  14. I'll be over for breakfast! LOVE that adorable embroidered tea towel.


  15. Your biscuits look delicious, as does the whole breakfast.

  16. They look so yummy, I am off for a snack. Take care.

  17. Oh my! I would rather have biscuits than dessert! I love just fruit jams and homemade buttermilk biscuits! Now I'm hungry! Happy Monday! ♥

  18. It's wonderful that these products are more and more available. Good to know that they tast great, too. I'm a Clabber Girl fan and also a Bakewell Cream fan.

  19. They sure look good!!! Great photos also...Have a wonderful week!!!

  20. What a scrumptious looking breakfast, it made me hungry just looking at it.

  21. Oh my mouth is watering. Those biscuits looks so delicious. Yummo.

  22. I'm going to your house for breakfast! I do love biscuits. Fun post!

  23. I love your breakfast for two. Delicious! Make it for three, please, and send some of those eggs and biscuits over here! I'm starving now :)

  24. What a great recipe. I love it. Your breakfast looks absolutely delicious and your tablesetting is beautiful. So inviting and I love the mix of dishes and accessories. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  25. Sue, I love your blog! I see you are from San Angelo. I have relatives who lived in Miles many years ago. No one is left there that I know of but there are a couple in San Angelo.
    How wonderful that you are interested in genealogy. Me too! Your other blog is so interesting. Hopefully soon I can spend some time reading it.
    Have a blessed week!!
    Ladybug Creek
    P.S Love the gluten-free info. My granddaughter has Celiac Disease so I cook gluten free when she visits us.

  26. Mmm, yum! That breakfast looks really good! I do enjoy a good biscuit! Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful week.


  27. Your biscuits look yummy. I had no idea how long clabber girl had been around!

  28. What a great post! I just discovered Glabber Girl in the last year or two. Before that, it was always Calumet. Way to go to create wonderful biscuits that are gluten free!

  29. Anonymous1/10/2011

    Yummy yummy, those biscuits look wonderful! Can I have one? :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. It was very enjoyable to visit. It all certainly looks delicious!

  31. Yummy! I really want to bake some biscuits now!!

    Susan and Bentley

  32. First, thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I am now also a follower of your blog. Sounds like we have quite a lot in common--about the same age, married 40+years, quilter (I am a novice and amateur but love it), and it sounds like you enjoy cooking. I love to cook and have been working on the healthier side for quite awhile now. I'm very interested in doing more gluten-free dishes, so will be trying your recipe very soon. So glad to have met you.

  33. Sue,

    Love your biscuits - great photographs. I appreciate your comments on my glassware. I have identified all the silverplate flatware but one piece and I just went on Amazon and ordered 3 more books. I am determined. I'm not concerned necessarily about the value. I want to know what it is and who made it.

    Again, thanks for coming by.


  34. Good to know! I had to go gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago. I miss so many things that I loved to eat {but were probably the things aggravating my stomach}! I just found a flour to use as well, and I have to just dig in and make something with it. Maybe biscuits are just the thing!

  35. You are just baking up a storm here aren't you? I love biscuits. Bread is my downfall! LOL! I have a brand new jar of Knotts Berry Farm, Bosenberyr Preserves. Call me I will come over next time you are making biscuits!

  36. Anonymous11/14/2012

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