Making It Monday...Off the Top of My Head

The AtoZ Challenge begins on April 1st.  This year will be my 7th year to participate.  It would have been 8 years, but I missed 2017...I don't remember why.

Every year I think I've run out of ideas for a theme, but somehow I manage to scrape together enough photos and ideas to fill the month with posts that relate to a Theme.
I must admit...if not for the unexpected time off (COVID-19 Pandemic) 2020 AtoZ would not have been possible.  With that said, instead of flying by the seat of my pandemic pants...my posts will have to come 'Off the Top of My Head'.  As in years past I try to keep a week or so ahead.

Photo Hints for April 1 - 4 'Off the Top of My Head' 
Like I said...it's Off the Top of My Head with No Rhyme or Reason!
Still time to Sign Up
Join the Challenge...HERE

1 comment:

Alana said...

I had picked a theme, and have written the grand total of zero posts ahead of time. I find it hard to concentrate with all the doom talk going around. Worried about relatives in New York City, worried about several people I know battling cancer (one is battling two cancers; another lives up here but is being treated in NYC) in this time when you are afraid of not being able to get medical care. So...we will see. I will definitely visit you, though.


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