Side Hustle Jobs and Mondays

     Falling behind or getting head.  Two places of which I am well versed, and should probably be a better title for this post since I'm already behind my rule of putting up a blog post on the 1st day of the month.
     Time for a blogging rule change....not written/typed in stone...subject to getting ahead and for sure falling behind.  It does have to do with Side Hustle Jobs and Mondays.
      I've retired more times than I can count.  Officially on all Senior Citizen forms and other declarations of work status the Retired box is checked.  There is no box for 'Side Hustle Job', and that is probably a good thing as I would have a hard time describing what I do as a Side Hustler.  I will defer to 'Google'.
      A couple of things Google says about 'Side Hustle Jobs' that might surprise you.  One, it is an expression first used in 1950 and became popular during and after the last recession when traditional jobs disappeared and enterprising people had to make ends meet.
      Two, how many jobs are considered  'Side Hustle Job's' today.  Here are a few:  Sell items on Ebay or Craigslist, recyle used smartphones, drive for Uber of Lyft, rent your spare room on Airbnb, manage a social media small business, etc. etc. etc..
      Can you just imagine this list in a 1950 setting!  My truck driver Dad would have said, "What's an Uber"?  If we would have had a spare room, my Mom already had it filled with a relative that needed more than an airy bed and breakfast.

So, back to 2020 and the Side Hustle list.  Well sorta!  Not a single mention of a former Chicken Farm turned into an Art Center/Community.  Leave it to me to fall back to the 1960 era to find my perfect Side Hustle job as a Fiber Arts Studio Artist and Office/Media Assistant at the Gallery and Art Center Complex.

 Now about Mondays!  It's my day off from hustling on the side, and the one day I have time to...hopefully...blog.  Oh, yeah, I'm off on Sunday, too.  Another day I could blog, but am instigating another new rule...spend more time with family, take day trips, shoot more photos with my NEW...not recycled...SMARTphone.   Like this one from yesterday...February 2nd...on a day trip to the Hill Country. 
Notice it does not have thing a to do with the Super Bowl!


  1. Yeah, I know. No Super Bowl shenanigans here, either.
    You ARE busy, Sue.

    1. I bet you are just as busy with winter in Colorado. I'll be by to say Hi and see what you are knitting!

  2. You just wanted to wait until my birthday to blog ;) Enjoy the snow tomorrow.

    1. That's right!!! Happy Birthday Cheryl!!! Let it SNOW in Texas!!!


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