Malabrigo Monday...It's A Yarn

      It's not a Monday thing unless you are rounding Malabrigo Point Lighthouse on a Monday during monsoon season.  Only then is the Spanish word malabrigo a Monday thing which means 'bad shelter.  When speaking 'Knit-ish...yarn knitting talk...you'll hear a variety of exclamations about Malabrigo yarns gorgeous colors and super softness.  Coveted by knitters and crocheters around the world, this sumptuous yarn is made in Uruguay.
     Here's a bit of 'Knit-ish' specifics about Malabrigo:
- Fiber:  100% Superwash Merino Wool 
- US Needle to use:  size 4 to 6
- Weight:  DK (21-24 stitches/4 inches
Here's my reactions to the specifics:
-Wash Wool?  Yikes!  Okay to hand wash very carefully!
- Size 4 to 6 needles!!  Like toothpicks for this 10 to 17 size knitter!
-Weight  DK...Yikes again!!!  Like 'frog hair' for this chunky yarn knitter!!!
So why am I reaching way out of my knitting comfort zone?
To make Miss Grace's Knitted Shawl.
The pattern is a 16 page booklet plus 3 copied pages to mark your place as you knit.  It is also my first knitting in what is called a 'short row' pattern.  I don't know what that is...yet...next lesson after I finish knitting through 'ridge row #39'.  To make it more of a challenge than it already is, I'm doing it twice.  It's an 'OverDoSue' thingy...ya know!!!
By the 'Grace of Miss Grace's Pattern' I hope my Malabrigo experience stays with yarn and not a Lighthouse!  
I'm pretty safe...Texas is not known to have a monsoon season!
Miss Grace Knitted Shawl-Free Pattern on Ravelry 


  1. Wow, pretty pattern, enjoy!

    1. Thanks Frederique...my reaction, too when first I saw it. It's a challenge though. Good thing I like a challenge and I haven't set any time limits on this one.

  2. That will be pretty when you finish it. I tend to do 2 of most things, too.

    1. I'm usually all finishing fast, but on this one, I'm taking it at a leisure pace. For me that's about half speed of my usual 'speed of light'...LOL!!!



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