Plain Weaver to Pattern Weaver

OverDoSue has struck again!  So much for saying "All I really want to weave is a plain weave...over under-over under...for rugs, runners, bag inserts, etc.".  It seemed the simplest way to start on the a bit over daunting large floor loom...and it was!  Only requiring 2 of the 4 harnesses to clean and set up.  Only requiring 2 of the 6 treadles to tie up.  I have to say, I wasn't bored or over the over under weaving, and would probably continued for no telling how long.
But, when the opportunity to expand and learn more about the art of weaving presented itself...I went for it!  My friend and Master Weaver Audrey offered to take me to the next step as a weaver.  It required adding the other 2 harnesses, tying up all 6 treadles, learning to calculate warp threads, drafting 'Threading Sequences', drafting 'Treadling Sequences' and getting into a 'Pattern Weaving Zone....focus, focus, focus!
In time...it will not seem so 'OverDoSueness'...I hope!


peppylady (Dora) said...

I have a small loon although haven't tried it.
Coffee is on

Laura Mattingly said...

I guess there's much more to weaving than I think. I really like how the pattern looks. Nice work!

Joanne said...

very clever looking. Hey, seems easy enough. Ha!

Sue McPeak said...

This is right up your MATH alley...not mine so much...that's why I ended up with 42 or so too many warp strings.

Sue McPeak said...

Yep, sooooo much more than I thought too. The actual weaving part is pretty easy, but the setting it up is the most time consuming. Still worth the time though.

Sue McPeak said...

I bet when you have a chance to get started on your small loom, you will be hooked and really enjoy it.


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