Mid-May Media Manager

     It's the 'Middle of May'!  I've been an absent blogger since the 'End of April'.  There's a reason...actually, there are several reasons, however, listing them at this point would be pointless.  So, I'm going with the latest catch phrase popular with the pundits... 'Going Forward'.  We use to say...'Moving On'...either way, I'm doing it without too much 'Looking Back'.
     Okay, one 'Look Back' cause I can't remember if I've bragged about how much I LOVE my new studio at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  Shoot, after the April Challenge, I don't remember if I posted about moving from Studio 14 to Studio 10.  Surely, I did, but just in case the picture above pretty much sums up the 'Several Reasons' I've been an absent blogger until now...the 'Middle of May'.
     I must admit....I've been somewhat of a 'Basket Case'.  Not only upping my studio work with fiber and fabric, but adding three mornings a week shuffling paper on and off the computer.  We use to call that 'Office Flunky'...but these days it's 'Media Manager'.  At any rate, my second job is only a few steps away from Studio 10 to the Chicken Farm's Main Studio Office.
So, 'Going Forward' it seems my January-March postings of 52 Weeks Challenge and Sepia Saturday dedicated to ancestors and family history might have to take a 'CatchYaLater' ticket. 
We will see! 
After all, one can only do so much 'Media Management'.


  1. you are busier than a bee this spring. Good for you. Your place looks terrific and I'm sure there's a lot of paper shuffle to keep track. Good luck and have fun! (before it starts getting way to freakin' hot in TX)

  2. I didn't know you'd moved your studio. I'll be in town later this week, but I won't have time to head out there (very rushed trip this time).


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