Vintage Shoppers Are Few...Marketing Lesson

Just because I love Vintage Linens, Quilts, Doilies, Lace and Fabric doesn't mean everyone else does.

Looking back through 2018 photo files of my Shop, I see most of the 'Vintage' everything that was there in January is still there now.

It's not that people don't look at Vintage Stuff...they do...and remark, "That reminds me of my Grandmother"....or..."I have my Grandmothers Quilts and Doilies stored in a cedar chest in plastic zipper bags". 

Yikes!  You know that sends me in a 'Vintage Care Rant'.  "Get it OUT of the cedar chest and for Pete's Sake never store it in plastic."
 I give lots of Free advice on how to care for Vintage everything, and often am asked, "Would you repair my Grandmother's quilt?"  Usually I say, "No, but here are some things you can do to preserve it...then I share my tips."

Of course there are the 'Few Vintage Shoppers' who have come through the door actually looking for 'Vintage Stuff'.  And, I have sold several quilts, a few yards of lace, and a couple of crocheted table runners and doilies.

However, it seems people are more likely to buy the things 'I make from 'Vintage Stuff'.  For example...
...who knew Chick Pincushions would sell out!
They were pretty cute and one of the ways I suggested to people as a way to use their in need of major repair Grandmother's quilts.

So, on to the 'Marketing Lesson'. 
~Just because YOU love Vintage doesn't mean everyone else does or will.
~When you have limited space...limit Vintage to what sells.
~Use YOUR Vintage inventory and MAKE what sells.
~Use your Digital Photo Files to Display Vintage Items for interested Vintage Shoppers.
~Market Online specific to Vintage buyers.
Poodle Soap Scrubby...anyone?  They were the bath rage in the 1950's!!!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That little Sunbonnet Sue pushing a shopping cart is sew cute! I've not seen that one before. I've collected lots of vintage linens. One of these days I'll start finding projects to use them with.

Joanne said...

Interesting. You shall be able to write a marketing book sooner or later.

bookworm said...

I never would have made a good marketer - I do not have much talent in that area, but I am intrigued by the people who come in and ask you about quilt repair. I know nothing whatsoever about the topic but the questions show there is a need out there - for someone to provide that service in a way that you could prfit from. It's too bad you don't know someone who does that type of work, and make some kind of arrangement where you direct customers to that person, and vice-versa. Oh, and those chick pincushions are cute! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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